25 year old DUIs and applying for Driving School !

by Steve
(Roanoke VA)

2 DUIs in 82 and in 84...young and stupid, what can I say!!!

2000 - had a disorderly conduct. No fault of mine, wrong place at the wrong time. Hell we all got arrested that night.
Went to trafic school for a speeding ticket last year and 3 years prior to that.
"I am sorry but your application was not accepted at this time."
Not sure WHY???????????
Question: Does the duis and my run in with the law show up and how much weight does a school put on that to determine if i can get in or not.
Was really looking forward to my new career change, needless to say, I VERY BUMMED !!!!!
Thanks for your input here.
You guys ROCK

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Mar 26, 2009
Got That RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: SteveO

So ready to do my pre-inspection, kick them tires and light those fire baby...

Mar 25, 2009
SteveO's got to go. He got the fever!
by: Jimmy

Relax SteveO, Monday will be here soon enough. Until then, park near I-17 and watch them 18 wheelers pass by.

Envision yourself behind the wheel, having the time of your life, jammin' those gears, listening to some good music, not a care in the world, other than to get that load delivered and what you gonna eat for dinner. Yeah! Jimmy

Mar 25, 2009
Trucking School Interview
by: School Interview!

Going next Monday to the College in Kingman.
"SAGE" driving school interview.

"Yes, my name is STEVE, you're future Student of the Year, when do i start???"

*** Yes the past is the past...young, dumb and full if...hmmm Nevermind. HAHAHAHA

Have a very good feeling about this...
(even the lady at the college said it should not be a problem...my past troubles, they only go back 7 years or so)

*** All the pieces of my life's' puzzle are falling into place. Hell, even my kids are helping me out with a lil' $.$$.

My son in Iraq is going to transfer a few $ for me.

Now how cool is that ???

Starting a checking account, in case I need direct deposit, son-in-law got me a "Le Cheap-O" cell phone.
IT'S ALL GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ready to start CLASS NOW but have to chill, getting tired of pacing around the place here..LOL
Ohmmmmmmmmmmm Chill!!!


Mar 25, 2009
Trucking jobs for people with ugly records
by: Hervy

How is it going now, find anything yet?

Jimmy gave you some great advice man.

Keep looking I too admire your attitude and persistence, I only hope you have calmed down (and slowed down).

A lot of companies don't want more than 1 DUI on your record period. However as mentioned there are 1,000's of trucking companies man.

Just keep at it. Try to get those interviews where you can show off your attitude and offer explanations of what happened to get the charges you said were not your fault.

At the interview also be sure to leave the impression that you are fully aware that you made mistakes years ago when you were younger as many have done and that you are now at a totally different level of maturity and ready to make trucking a career as soon as your given the chance to prove yourself to the lucky company that hires you.

Good luck

let us know how it goes down SteveO

Mar 06, 2009
Rock&Roll, SteveO
by: Jimmy

I told you Pardner, You want it and you're gonna get it.

Keep in touch. Jimmy

Mar 06, 2009
by: SteveO

Found an Excellent web site that lists truck companies and Company Driver Requirements.
DWIs are on there but only "NONE with 7 years.
WOW Cool...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will be moving back to AZ Monday. Be closer to my Daughter and her new hubby. 6 Months out here was enough, besides i can put my car and stuff in storage, have the kids start it every other month.
Looking forward to my new life.

BUST My ass for quit a few years. I'm single so all the money goes in the BANK. Buy a nice lil house somewhere, then drive local !!
YEAH !!!!!!!

Mar 03, 2009
Add'l advice for SteveO.
by: Jimmy

Man, I like your attitude. You're gonna' get there. When you talk to recruiters, ask them, the recruiter, if you need to list the DUI's and other things. They'll tell you and one more thing, don't just apply to one company at a time, hit 8 or 10 so they all will be checking you out at the same time.

Hit the ones that offer training, get your azz down to the truck stop and hang around and mingle. Have pen and paper with you and write down info. A job is not going to fall from the heavens into your lap. You want it, damnit, go get it.

No excuses! Keep in touch. Jimmy

Mar 03, 2009
by: SteveO

Hmmmmmm not quite sure what to do now.
You are right, the bigger companies want squeeky clean kids to drive for them.
Yes there was alcohol involved and i have not been in any type of trouble since 2000. Learn your lesson the Hard Way i guess.

I do not want to LIE about my past....
Better to be honest up front than lie and have them find out later.
You are right, there are a lot of schools and companies out there.
I find one yet Dammm it MAN....LOL LOL

Thanks Jimmy, you da man !!!!!!!

Mar 03, 2009
SteveO is persistant.
by: Jimmy

I think you will find something because you are persistent, and I congratulate you. DUI's generally drop off your DMV after 7-10 years, but I have heard of them being found out. DMV and criminal records are two different agency's. This is a high tech age we live in, and if it's in a "file" somewhere, it can be found. Depends on how deep the inquiring company wants to dig.

Mostly, DUI's are misdemeanors, but trucking companies frown on them. The "Disorderly conduct" probably involved alcohol, and if it did, you are sunk. The two speeding tickets were dismissed if you went to traffic school, so you're OK there. The two jobs you've had in 6 months in Va don't bode too well with interviewers. Consider an interviewer looking at your app and seeing these things and the next app is squeaky clean.

Get a copy of your DMV and see what's on there. My current "DAC" shows a citation for an infraction. But if you look up the code, it's an equipment violation that was dismissed when I got it fixed. But "DAC' prints it out as if I robbed a bank or something. I also had a DUI in 1972, but it wasn't a problem when I got into trucks in 1976 and hired on with different companies thereafter. After it dropped off my DMV 7 years later, it dropped off my apps as well.

Consider working at a moving company that does long distance moves. You can wiggle your way into the drivers seat and spring time is when they start hiring. And the training is free. Jimmy

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