22yr.old felony for possesion w/intent to sell cocaine


Guys, for God's sake, don't get busted 4 cocaine. I was driving in the 80's before CDL's. i went 2 see a girl in 1988 she was with a cool looking guy standing on the street near here house. She asked me if i had any coke this was before crack she wanted powder.

I use 2 bring her a little and i would drink beer,and we would have sex. I said no but i could get her some. I went and got it. She said sell it 2 him! i said i thought you wanted it and was going 2 go home with me. She said i will but sell it 2 him.

I wanted my money back so i asked him if he was a cop. He said I AIN'T NO DAMN COP! So like a fool i sold him a 25.00 bag. I drove off was surrounded with cop cars and guns. I took a plea bargain for pos/with intent 2 sell del/cocaine. I wouldn't tell them where i got it.

I got 3yrs in prison. Since then i haven't found a decent truck driving job. All i get is the outlaw trucking companies. And if i quit them it can take months to find another job. I have a perfect driving record/haz/dbl/trpl/tanker. But a cocaine conviction has all but destroyed my career.

keep the sunnyside up and the greasy side down. RUSTYNAIL

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