21 years to life?

Here is my story.

21 years ago I got arrested for possession of a controlled substance, recent grad CDL holder. worked in the masonry business for nearly 20 years. worked my butt off made it to bricklayer was thinking of even opening my own business. all is good been clean since the arrest, actually saved me from the life i was headed in.

After my arrest left the "friends" that helped me get into my little situation although i know its my fault I did not want to be tempted. so as soon as my one year no reporting probation was over with I moved to another state. That's where i got into masonry LOVED it, well here comes the financial collapse and here I sit, lost my house and career.

So i see yea truck companies will hire convicted felons after so many years. So I am like awesome mines 21 years old, no felonies since not even a single DRUG charge ever again.

Now that's not to say i've been perfect, Ive never stole anything. Had a public intoxication that's not so bad. clean record driving no DUI/DWI.

Pretty solid work history except during the great layoff around 2008 when everybody was getting laid off and no one was hiring. so I have that minor glitch in work history.

So while I am in my CDL class i hear of some of the drugs the guys were doing who all had job offers (prehires)and im like wtf. I'm clean and NO ONE will give me a chance they already have job offers.

Worked for a construction outfit for 9 months saved my money. Paid for my CDl Classes out of pocket. Was practically guaranteed a job if i got my CDL A by the CDL school.

Nobody will hire me NOBODY.

So I'm out 5000 plus i had to quit my job to be able to attend the school. Guess ill just have to be patient.

My felony was just sealed and should be final the end of this month hopefully sealed records are not viewable by the trucking companies but my suspicions are they are as Werner recruiter told me they could still see them.......

Anyways good luck to every one its a hard road of hope. I am still looking and hope things can turn around.

Response: You've come a long way, I think the worse is over for you.

If you stay active in your search you will eventually find something. There are people with worse records getting hired. Just got to knock on the right door at the right time.

You have a great attitude man. It will work out, for you.

Try this approach also...
small and local trucking companies

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Jun 04, 2012
find work online NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey man, that sounds rough. I'm sorry to hear about your story, but it is very inspiring to see someone trying so hard in this economy to make something of himself.

Have you ever been to any of the job recruitment sites like everytruckjob.com? They will submit you application to more than 1500 trucking companies, most of which are desperate for drivers. It only takes a minute to fill out and then recruiters will start to contact you.

I wish you the best man, good luck finding work!

May 31, 2012
revision NEW
by: Anonymous

reread my post and wanted to clear up a few things.

the Drugs the other students were using WERE before entering CDL school and im sure arent in use any more. people change i know this because i am one example.

when that judge told me. "you get arrested for ANYTHING in next year during your probation. You are going jail for a year."

i was just having what i thought was a good time. now facing one year in jail? huh uh no way not me!

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