17 years experience need 2nd chance

by charlie chapman
(Hickory,N.C. USA)

I have 17 years of safe driving NO tickets,No accidents ever in a commercial vehicle, in 2009 while in between jobs i hit a joint a couple times 2 days later a company i had an application with called me for an interview after the interview i was sent for a drug test. I FAILED.

What was i thinking. I wasnt as it turned out when the mro called he said it barely registered on the drug test but since it was over the cutoff he had to report it.

I had to turn in my cdls 10/08/09. I found a factory job making good money. Worked there from Jan 2010 to Aug 2013 and was laid off with 30 other employees. i took the sap program in 2011 because i had wind the company may be going under so i thought i better get the sap program done in case it does so if i got the chance to drive again i would have that completed.

i get my cdl's back in feb 2014 after completing my dot physical,re taking all the cdl test and my road test/pre trip test is scheduled for 1/23/2014. after that i should be ready to go i have only smoked that one time and haven't since.

now just looking for a 2nd chance to go back driving.....ANY HELP on companies that will hire me would be great.

ive been looking on craigslist,and locally if you know of any companies that would hire me PLEASE let me know...Thanks....
Hickor NC area truck driving jobs

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