16yr Bed Bugger- thought, opinions, questions

by Justin
(Norther NM)

So right off the top I'll offer that I don't -or have only started to consider myself- a "trucker." I'm not formally trained nor have ever received my CDL (I have been behind the wheel of a rig though)

I am now an independent owner of a small moving company that specializes in high dollar value relocation. Easily over 100k miles under my belt driving 26'' moving trucks with auto transports. Basically I have many of the same driving experiences, spent the night next to you at the stop, dodged the dupe and the dangerous- consider myself road seasoned.
So: considering becoming an owner operator of my own rig to continue to meet demand. Questions for you seasoned guys coming later.

To begin I would say doing this kind of work means a lot of one-on-one customer service. I consider myself a steward. Many clients require extensive assistance in loading and sometimes even packing their belongings. I deal with a lot of art/fragiles, sometimes spending days on site before actual transport. That being said it's a lucrative gig.

To do this job requires alacrity, energy, and experience. One must intuit problems and clients needs and adapt constantly to changing parameters, I stay in amazing shape "yes, I can get that piano up ten flights of stairs, it will cost you through the nose though, but would you please keep your chihuahua from humping my leg while I do it?", my mind is always working and learning and I truly love the constantly changing nature of the work.
All that said- countless more to freely share. I'm hoping you all will do the same...

Night hauling- I top out at around 65mph usually, I like to find a colum of like truckers and fall in line. I try to take my turn on point but often feel I'm a third wheel. Tips/pet peeves/ courteous suggestions anyone?
CB: lots of dead airspace- is my handheld too weak, or have things gone another way?

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