15 Years Experience Currently in TN

by Rodger
(Memphis, TN)

Hi I'm Rodger. I began my career in trucking hauling tankers in the Texas oilfields. From their became a otr owner-operator with a moving company then same company flatbed.

When my personal life changed, wife & kids, I signed on doing a dedicated reefer run, Texas to California and return. The contract ended so began a local intrastate dedicated regional route flatbed, this contract also ended so finally became a company driver hauling pups/doubles for a LTL company. This company was bought out and they closed my terminal.

This all occurred between 1990-2005. Am now looking to get back into trucking, sadly I let my CDL fall off, so will need to get that. I have no need for a home base anymore so am open.

I am also a Veteran, clean driving record, currently hold security clearance with the FAA so background not an issue.

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