10 year cdl driver

by Steven D. Payne

in the year 2006 I got a duI in my personal,car, after leaving a Christmas party. Then in 2013 I was pulled over for driving a car with no tag light. Officer ran my license,which showed the dui in 2006. He then gave me a field sobriety test which I passed. Was also given a breath test that was inconclusive. Was taken in to the station, where an argument inspired,between me an the officer,an I was given a refusal for not blowing in the machine, on time.

I volunteered a blood test,an the results came back negative. but the Kansas DMV will not remove it from my license. My California issuing state can only show what Kansas has. My license are valid, but my H_6 is what is hurting me

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Oct 24, 2015
Background checks...
by: Anonymous

... go so much deeper than people realize nowadays.

If a company hires you in a hurry, sans "orientation" etc... they are probably not someone you'd want to work for. Why do I start out with that as an "opening statement?"

Because some companies will "look the other way" regardless, especially if they own their "own" insurance company.

Others? Are BOUND by their under-writers.

That "refusal" or whatever they wanna call it will follow you for the rest of your life in this industry. Doesn't mean you won't get a trucking job, but it will scare the shit outta any company worth a damn. Why?

Liability. You get in an accident. Its NOT your fault. The opposition's attorney steps in. Guess what the first thing he digs up is gonna be?

Yes, you will pay, but your company has MORE money than you do, and they will also pay... WAY MORE than you will. This is why, even though there is an extreme shortage of "qualified" truckers in the U.S. ... you prob will still have a very, very tough time getting in the industry, especially on paper.

If you meet with people in person, they might give you a chance... you never know.

I can tell you this: Even though you hand out your license and your MVR for the last ten years does NOT mean that the company you are trying to get on with will 1) ignore your app and toss it in the can ... or 2) do their OWN private investigation on you dating back even further than any MVR could possibly provide.

Trust me. Ive had it done.

Now I can work anywhere. Those type of investigations can either work FOR you or AGAINST you.

That "question" is always somewhere on the app, and usually asked more than once, even three times...

"Have you ever failed a drug test?"

"Have you ever refused a drug test?"

Its not like they are looking for you to inform them, they already have the info if they want it. They are looking to see if youre gonna lie about it.

When I fill out an app, I cover the important shit, usually dont give references and am vague about the dates of who I worked for and when.


It a P.I.T.A. and I really don't keep all that info. They have access to it, so I just say "I'll let you fill in those parts"

All the rest about my background I fill out acurately. "NO, NO, NO"

"When can you start?"

Good luck man. Its all smoke and mirrors.

I would suggest not filling out online apps or paper apps until you have spoken to the owner or someone who has the authority to make those decisions. When you start hearing things like "we're waiting for our insurance underwriter to get back to us..." just walk.

They know damn well they can hire you right on the spot and put you in the truck. If they start out with a drive-test even after you provided that particular info, that would be considered a good sign... but then again, they may figure they can just use and abuse you because they are doing you a favor.

Tough thing...our "past" when we were just kids. It's there to haunt us.

Sorry for the book, but that's how my replies always go. "yes" and "no" just don't cut it... ever.

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