10 mile high

by Danny Hatcher
(Destin, Florida)

GPS put us on a ten mile mountain 2 a.m. solid ice and snow with no guardrails in Colorado. Down we went, fortunately no traffic. I was considering making McDonald's a life long career as we descended.

To top it off I was in Reno shortly afterwards and walked in a truck stop casino. I put a dollar in won $380, walked around to the other side dropped a dollar in and won $320 walked over to the five dollar machine and won $180. The manager comes out and asked who was I and said he'd never had someone win three times back to back.

My other driver gets mad when I spend it all, going on and on how we could have gone to the Mustang Ranch and had any prostitute we wanted. I said it wasn't my money...he said it was in your hand. I actually got off his truck, he was an owner operator he kept on and on about it.

I remember the Swift School in Millington had people in class that had never driven in a car or on a street and were putting them in an eighteen wheeler...Wow.

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