We are driving at trucking school now

by Collin Barnette
(Visalia, CA)

Yep, now I am out driving. I will post some info on what we are needing to learn as we prepare for the DMV driving test.

But consider the things that you already do when behind the wheel. Stopping at the correct place when you approach an intersection, merging with traffic, proper use of your mirrors, keeping track of traffic, pedestrians and all that other stuff around your vehicle.

Safety and control are skills that many, many folks on the road in all sorts of vehicles could work a lot harder at. It's just multiplied many more times in a big rig. You need more room to maneuver and stop.

You have all heard the stories about the car driver who got upset trying to get around a big truck in traffic. Consider it from the truck drivers point of view. Here the guy is in the middle of some town he's never been to trying to find an address to pick up or deliver goods and the cars will not give him a brake.

Professionalism and courtesy are not skills that get practiced by the everyday driver. As a Truck Driver, one of my goals is to set the standard.

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Jan 16, 2009
Collin's adventure
by: Jimmy

Hey Collin, you're having way too much fun. When do you test and roll out with your first job? Jimmy

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