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Look for or post used trucks for sale at the appropriate link below. It is absolutely free to list your used truck. Keep in mind that we are totally committed to providing a positive experience here so please do not list problematic used truck for sale here. If you know your truck has a problem take it somewhere else.

Unless of course you tell us exactly what problems exist with the truck or trailer.  Then of course it's up to the buyer to decided if they want to purchase it or not.

For me a primary goal is to not have a truck payment as soon as possible.  There are tax strategies for doing it differently including leasing but this is how I like to do it right now.  At this point, you should have already done your research and decided that buying used is what you want to do.

Inspect Any Used Truck Well

If you go and look at any used trucks for sale, inspect them well.  I don't agree with what is said about most are on the lot for sale because there are problems with it.  There are many reasons that a person will sell.

You do need to check the truck out though.  Of course, one thing to do is a thorough inspection just like you would in pre-trip.  It would be awesome if the paperwork for all of the work done is kept on the truck.

You could also....

  • do a Dyno on the engine. 
  • Take a mechanic with you or take it by a mechanic
  • Look it up on for history of the truck
  • Check the clutch wear
  • Springs
  • Steering assembly
  • Brake wear and assembly
  • Look for excessive smoke and color of smoke
  • Excessive oil leaks

This Video Tells You Some Things To Look For When Buying a Used Truck

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