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Truckers are writing books now a days. Obviously I like writing so I finally sat still long enough to write one too. You will see a link to it below.

Drivers are writing all types of books not just about trucking. You might want to consider writing one of your own.

It is a good way to spend your time constructively. Writing (and reading) is an activity that gives back mentally, spiritually and physically.

Yep, I believe writing has health benefits. Think about it, depending on what you are writing about, writing can be therapeutic to work out thoughts. Writing is also therapeutic in and of itself just by using the mind and body to manifest something physical.

(These are my opinion of course but I am willing to bet that you will feel better after writing and you will say....."I think that old crazy trucker might be on to something". They you will never stop!)

In any case. Here you will find books written by truck drivers or about truck drivers, about trucking life or even trucker to trucker. Or maybe about something else.

Trucking Books

If you are a trucker and you have written a book about trucking or anything else fee free to tell us about it. Promote your trucking book.

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Todays Trucker 
Modern Day Trucking for Brokered Freight Carrier Drivers.

10-4 and Im Gone. 
My life as a trucker moving all sorts of freight in New Zealand, Australia and America. Its mostly about the USA trucking scene and things that we do and …

Meet a young truck driver who meets a young lady while driving an 18 wheeler across country. But, on one trip he meets a young lady who turns his life …

Truckin' Europe 
Truckin' Europe: Available from all major e book retailers, Amazon, Apple i store.B&N etc: Price: $2.99. Foreword: After seven years with the …

Commercial Drivers' Reference Handbook 
My publication is designed to help CDL class "A" drivers 'bridge some of the informational gaps' that exist from the point of driver training clear up …

A Long Way From Home 
"A Long Way From Home: A Trucker's Life Through A Woman's Eye" by C L Miller. Available online via Nook and Kindle and other sites. _____________________________________ …

How to Semi Retire, In a Few Short Years, By Owning Your Own Truck! 
How To Semi Retire, In A Few Short Years, By Owning Your Own Truck!!! By Joe Creek $1000 Dollar Days! $5000 Dollar Weeks!! …

So Now Your'e a Trucker, What's Next Not rated yet
providing new drivers even old drivers the skills, mindsets, and procedures to be prepared and present a positive image when looking for a truck driving …

An American Truck Driver and Undercover Agent Not rated yet
This is a fiction about a Christian truck driver who is asked by the feds to help in catching Isis terrorists trying to build a nuclear bomb In the USA.He …

Wife on the Road Not rated yet
My book is written from the viewpoint of the trucker's wife, riding along every other month for two years. To me, this was how it was, riding high …

Truckin' Up! By Donna Carver Not rated yet
Product Description A funny and interesting look at the trucking industry and the trucker’s CB radio slang. From the passenger seat of a 'sure enough …

Company Driver vs. Lease Purchase Operator Not rated yet
This book defines that question that every truck driver debates at some point in their career. Should I remain with company or should I lease my first …

Diesel Smoke Over Asphalt Ribbons Not rated yet
Trucking in Nevada and over Donner Pass

Slow Curve on the Coquihalla Not rated yet
First novel in the Highway Mysteries series featuring former homicide investigator turned long-haul driver, Hunter Rayne. They are traditional murder mysteries …

How to be a sucessful Owner Operator Not rated yet
How to succeed as an owner operator from getting a truck to figuring out if you want to lease to someone or run your own authority. What the cost are and …

Lady Trucker Author of Silly Woman, Big Rigs Are For Men Not rated yet
Although I no longer drive an 18-wheeler, I did for 15 years. My book, Silly Woman, Big Rigs Are For Men is a collection of my experiences and the learning …

"Grandpa and the Truck" Stories for kids - Just released Not rated yet
Tales told by a long time truck driver written by Collen Mellor is the first released of stories that she has gathered from her Husband, who she says was …

Stories from the Road book promo Not rated yet
Stories from the Road By Jack S. Byrom Paperback and Kindle editions target release date July 15 on 30 photographs, 241 pp paperback …

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