Truckin' Europe

by Gary Neil Briggs
(Gran Canaria)

Truckin' Europe:

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After seven years with the same company in the United Kingdom, the job I had was not really exciting any longer. Not like it used to be anyway.

Every day was almost identical to the next: the same destinations with the same routes. So the moment I heard that the transport company which had recently bought the company I was driving for had taken a decision to reduce the fleet. I jumped at the chance to take voluntary redundancy.

I was going to receive quite a large severance package for the seven years that I had worked there, so looking for a new job wasn't “too” urgent. I left the company for the last time on Friday evening, having absolutely no idea, that within one short week my life would change so much.

Continental truck driving, as I was soon to find out, was to present me with a whole new set of challenges: leading to some very different adventures from those that I had previously known.
Abroad and alone, with almost no knowledge of any foreign languages, quite oblivious to the fact that...

“Over there things were different”

I started upon a new career, one which would take me all over Europe, to some of the nicest places that an everyday tourist doesn't normally get to see. You see, I was the new boy, alone in a strange place. Learning by my numerous mistakes, and the situations I so often, unexpectedly found myself in.

The events which I encountered in the nineties driving around Europe were all new to me. And the excitement was back.

For me, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Although, well I have to say, there were also times when I thought to myself...

“What the hell am I doing here?”

I fell in love with Italy and France. It was a different story in Austria and Luxembourg. Why? Well some of it has been put together in this book, which has been inspired by the many weird and wonderful people I have met during my travels. Some names have been changed, to protect the innocent, and some to protect the guilty.

And I also apologize to the numerous friends, those friends that have been forced to put up with my incessant whining and whinging, about what’s wrong with over there, and to be fair, what’s right too!

Whilst writing this book, I've been grateful for the many memories that have been brought back into my life. The wonderful people I have met; the strangers, who have helped me when I needed it most; the beautiful scenery I have driven through; the...

Well I could go on and on here. But the result of all this is, that rather than being a difficult thing to do, “as I had originally thought” after starting the book, the pages just kept writing themselves.

I sincerely hope, that these small insights into my past experiences around Europe, gives you as much enjoyment as it has given me during the writing of this book.
Many Thanks and...

“Have fun!”

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Oct 11, 2015
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by: Rob

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Feb 20, 2013
I liked it NEW
by: Anonymous

Very amusing.Lots of humorous stories I enjoyed reading it very much.

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