Wife on the Road

by Jackie McGuire
(Independence, Oregon)

My book is written from the viewpoint of the trucker's wife, riding along every other month for two years.

To me, this was how it was, riding high above the freeway traffic with a view of America unhindered by guard rails and shrubbery. Little did I know what an adventure this would become.

Trusty journal always at the ready, I recorded it all, the fun times and the scary moments, as well as Gene’s work-a-day. We met people, too—sometimes strange, but always intriguing; many were lonely on the road, even at crowded truck stops.

The whole country became our home. We were always on the go, whether it was a beautiful day, rainy night, or an icy mountain highway in winter. Some roads became as familiar as faces while others beckoned with promises of mystery around the bend.

Truckers and non-truckers alike, their families and friends, and even those who just wonder what it’s like, will enjoy this book. This would make a nice gift, or a foretaste for anyone considering a career in truck driving. 500 pages, available at Amazon.

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