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by Jack Byrom
(Rancho Cordova, CA)

Stories from the Road cover

Stories from the Road cover

Stories from the Road

By Jack S. Byrom

Paperback and Kindle editions target release date July 15 on

30 photographs, 241 pp paperback

Do you believe that life is a journey, a grand adventure? So did Jack Byrom. Despite a life of incredible ?bad luck? and hardship, he managed to enjoy great adventures all over America and keep a positive attitude in all situations?and there are a lot of situations here. Read about his adventures as a bicycle racing fanatic, long-haul trucker, disabled person, and spiritual pilgrim. Who else would visit a convent in a 75 foot auto transport truck, watch a bike race sitting next to Olympic gold medalist Connie Carpenter, drive an 18-wheeler to a truck stop to meet his (future) wife for their first date, meet the Antichrist at The Ohio State University, or witness Cherenkov radiation with the naked eye?

Jack Byrom was born in Utah in 1967. Since then he has had an abundance of adventure that occurred while he was trying to figure out life and what to do with his many ?problems?. He won the Mesa County, Colorado, spelling bee in 1977, flunked high school chemistry, and rode and raced bicycles well over 50,000 miles. He drove an auto transport truck across America for 3 years, where he learned how to avoid low bridges.

He lives in the Sacramento, California, area, the fourth state capital he has lived in, after Salt Lake City, Denver, and Columbus, Ohio. He thinks that there is a joyful purpose and plan for every human life.

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