need some additional support or advice

by anonymous

My husband n i been together 7 years married for 2 1/2 years. He droven truck before for other company n just start this driving job for 4 months. Which i dont mind him doing this for supporting his family. I love him more than ever for being away from us.

My problem is the trusting n that. He did training course to become a trainer which is fine. His first student is a female. He told he all about it n tells me everything bout her. He tells me he talks to her bout me n kids n haves a picture of us hanging in truck. I know this is his job. Im just having a hard time at this. We gone thou alot together up and bad downs. I caught him two years lieing n meeting up with ex co worker which she didnt help with her acting either n he said things to me that hurt really bad. But the truth came out n nothing happen. He admitts to it.

Today he told me that he wont do female students cause how i am worried bout it. He told he his coming home, loves me n dont want to jeoperdy his job n also he sleeps w his clothes on. I dont want him to think i dont trust him but its hard.

In 3 weeks i go out w him for two weeks n cant wait til i am out there w him. Any advice or support for me. I dont want him to get upset at me for my feeling on this n keep making him think i dont trust him n make push him to do something.

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