will Werner fire me over a speeding ticket

by Daniel Sharpe
(Abilene tx Taylor)

Will Werner fire me over a speeding ticket?

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Mar 09, 2017
How speeding tickets might affect your job
by: Hervy

You have to ask Werner that?

What they will likely consider is,

  • the amount over the speed limit

  • the area you were speeding in

  • how many tickets you already have

  • other violations prior to getting the speeding ticket

  • your job performance

If it is your first ticket at you were only going a few miles over, likely they won't fire you. If you were going more than 15 over, it could very well get you fired.

Werner trucks are governed so I do not you already have to be in an area with somewhat reduced speed to get a speeding ticket or you were going down a hill.

Like I said, more will be taken into consideration than the simple fact of getting a speeding ticket.

Good luck and hope things work out. Take what ever lesson you can from this. For those of you reading, do all that you can to keep your record clean so that you can go to the best trucking companies after getting your experience.

Here is a good page to read over.
How to become a good truck driver to get top dollar

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