In need of the truth about trucking!

by Jarred

Hey all. I'm 22 years old and I have decided to be a trucker. Ive been searching all over the internet for info on schools and companies but all I'm getting is horror stories about these companies especially CR England.

I'm getting fed a bunch of words and no cold hard solid facts. And the companies that seem decent require 6 months or a year experience! Its getting discouraging but I have to do this. I'm down right determined and nothing is going to stop me. I just need to be pointed in the right direction and not be fed a bunch of crap. I want to find a school, a decent company, and get started.

I'm not expecting to get rich but I do expect decent pay. I'm willing to drive as far as needed and I don't need to be home all that often. So, anyone have any suggestions? You can even e-mail me at

Please respond! Thanks

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May 02, 2009
Nick V. likes trucking.
by: Jimmy

Hey Nick, keep us informed with your adventure. And it IS an adventure. Jimmy

May 01, 2009
Hope this helps
by: Nick V

Hey whats up man. Well being still wet behind the ears out of training what I can not tell you about is the industry. What I can inform you about is schools. Yes community college would be the absolute cheapest route. Takes alot longer than these schools now a days but waaaay cheaper. I just graduated Roadmasters in San Antonio. They have a 8 weekend course you can go through or a 3 week program where you are off on Fridays but its straight through the week. Cost is freakin outragous. Hit me for 300 for a down payment and had to finance another 6500 or somethin like that. Now if you just pay your minimum payment, interest is gonna stick its nose where the sun dont shine and you will end up paying 10K. Good thing about Roadmasters, no contract. If you go through Swift and their school you have to sign a contract saying if they train you, you WILL stay with them until the balance is paid. Roadmasters you can go where you want, leave when you want and the finance just follows from job to job. Also...these companies that are hiring pay a percentage of your tuition up to a certain dollar amount. Say your payment is 186.47, and you work for Werner, well they pay 150 and the change comes out of your weekly check. They pay 150 and you pay 150 well then you can tell interest to hit the road so it wont hurt as much. Best advice I can give is do your research. Read this website from top to bottom. Everything on here is from actual truckers who like to help greenhorns, not scare them. I would have to say if it was not for this site I would still be here sitting at home talking about being a truck driver. Took me awhile to get my CDL but I am on the road to accomplishing a goal and it feels great. Hey just wednesday I got to tell my boss to shove it cause Im leaving for orientation and WOW did it feel GREAT!!! HAHA Live your dream man, quit looking at that calender and thinking man if I started school when I told myself to I would be done by now. And dont worry about finding a job. A clean CDL is pretty much a free ticket to employment for a lifetime. America needs truckers no matter what. Its insain how many companies are out there. From mom and pops to fortune 500, they are everywhere and they are abundant. Good Luck Driver and I hope I helped a little. Hope to see you out there some day

Apr 18, 2009
Your dream will inspire you
by: Anonymous

Hi Jarred.. Wish I was 22 again, ...Stay with your dream.. Try looking at Schneider, I believe they were accepting applications lately.. Look at Roehl, and look at Swift.. With the economy down, they are probably not hiring right now.. but I think when the economy starts picking up again, you might get lucky.. These companies use to hire with no driver experience.. they train you and you work for them for x number of months or years..(There used to be a few other companies that hire and train)... I have seen that Swift had gotten some bad vibes from some drivers, but I have also heard that the new breed of driver "wannabe's" want to make a difference at Swift.. They have a very positive attitude, and claim that if Swift is willing to train them, then they will do the best they can to help turn things around . After-all, other top-notch companies also had their tough times too... Be your best self always in spite of all the negative stuff and you will be a-0k. Trucking is a proud profession. If it were not for those drivers, (men and women), then Americans would have practically nothing.
Good luck, and hang in... Study STudy Study, and do lots of research on the computer.
When I was your age, I had the same dream about driving across our great country, but I couldn't make it work, for family reasons...

Apr 10, 2009
The Truth about Trucking
by: Hervy

Hello Jared,
Seems you learned some truths about trucking already.

The best companies generally want a driver with experience. Having said that most of the trucking companies that will hire brand new drivers are not bad, they just won't have some of the perks or the highest pay. You will have to pay your dues as a new driver (just as any entry level job)no big deal.

Don't worry about the overall negative crap that guys say, most of it comes from them not doing what your doing right now. (asking questions, research, etc) They just jumped in truck with the first company that hired them and they probably got a bad attitude so the people at the company treats them accordingly.

There are advantages and disadvantages of becoming a trucker, but they are no be deal when you are aware of them from the start instead of them creeping up on you.

Check out this page about choosing a company. At the bottom click on driver recommended to see some other companies that drivers have recommended in addition to the one's that Jimmy mentioned.

Choosing a company

Also at the bottom of this page are some truck driving schools that drivers recommended

Driver recommended truck driving school
I tend to agree with Jimmy, that the best value for your money will be community college it may just take a little longer. But that really depends on your situation.

Since you don't have to be going home often it will make your selection of companies easier. (they will love that!)

Keep the attitude you have man and follow through with he research so that you will be comfortable with your choice. You want to stay at the first company for a year if you can. At least 6 months.
Meanwhile talk to drivers about other companies. At the end of the year see if something you like better is available to you. Or you may find that you like where you are just fine.

You will make more than decent money if you don't spend it all on the road or create unnecessary bills while your driving. After the first year you should get at least $45,000 driving regular dry van.

More if you want to specialize in something else.

Well I hope we helped you out a little bit my friend.


Apr 09, 2009
Jarred seeks the trucking truth.
by: Jimmy

Hey Jarred, Stay off '' Way too much crapolla. A lot of these guys love to bash newbies and newbies don't need bashing. You want to be a trucker and you will be. It may take some persistence.

Where in Tx do you live? If you can, go to the trucking companies office and talk to them. DFW has tons of companies. Do you want to pay for school yourself or have the company pay it in turn for a commitment to drive there. Go first to community colleges that have training. Much better way to go. Check with the state to see if you qualify for state sponsored training.

Right now, trucking is going thru a phase. Many aren't hiring, business is down. Hang out at truck stops and ask questions. Check out Prime inc in Springfield,Mo. CRST, Cedar Rapids, Ia. Arrow trucking, Tulsa, Ok. FFE, Dallas, TX.

I'll email you and we'll get something going. Jimmy

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