Getting sponsored by a company for my CDL

by Randy
(Holyoke, MA)

Where exactly should I start when trying to get sponsored for my CDL?

I want to go to school but I'd much rather work for a company for a year (or however long is agreed upon) than pay for the schooling out of my own pocket. I spent a few minutes looking around this site and Google and found but part of their qualifications is being 21.

Right now I'm 20 and turning 21 this June 8th, so I don't have long to go. Should I just wait to hit 21 then find a sponsor or is it possible to find a company who would do it now?

If I was to go to school on my own I'd end up starting late next month and finishing just after I turn 21.

Thanks for any advice!

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Apr 20, 2010
Company sponsored CDL training for trucking job
by: Hervy

There are some schools listed on this page that you might want to try out who have deals with trucking companies like drivers solutions. Read the drivers feedback about their CDL Training.

Also read the advantages and disadvantages of company sponsored vs other types of training

Company sponsored

USA, Pam, Swift are a few that do

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