Who can travel on the road?

by Tom

Would another company let my girlfriend and my young kid to go on the road with me? I just recently started traveling nationwide and am really seeing the country.

In summer I would like to take my kid with me. He is 6 years old. What are my chances? What about if I am a team driver?

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Jan 20, 2009
Taking your girlfriend
by: Jimmy

Hey Tom, just want to add one thing. You're talking about company driver. If you are O/O, you can take 'em with you without anyone's permission. Jimmy

Jan 20, 2009
trucking with family or passengers
by: Hervy

Whether you can take family with you trucking Tom depends on the trucking company you end up decide to drive for. I think finding a company that will allow taking family is good idea because I think being able to let your family experience life as a trucker is a great thing to do.

Some will allow and some will not. Some will charge extra for insurance. Some trucking companies will have age requirements (minimums) for kids and some will not allow children at all.

Having either wife or kids go with you if your driving teams is going to be a lot harder to accomplish (actually I am not certain if any company does this).

You have do think, the co-driver is going to have to be a very sociable person, and I wonder if you wife would even feel comfortable.

I wouldn't recommend driving teams with someone and taking your family.

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