Which type of truck should I buy

I am in the market for a used truck. My question is which truck would you pick and why? I have looked at volvo, kenworth, freightliner, they all had autotrans and had around 550,000.

Is this to many miles? I know the less miles the better but what is a good range?

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Feb 21, 2017
Choosing New or Used Truck
by: Hervy

What type of truck should I buy

Feb 17, 2009
Buying a truck
by: Anonymous

When you find a truck that you really like and want to buy it, before you buy it, hook up to a loaded trailer and go for a test drive as opposed to just bob tailing.

Feb 16, 2009
What to buy.
by: Jimmy

Buying a used truck is a big gamble. Unless you know the previous owner, you are taking a risk.

Here's some basic info to think about and consider. Most truck manufacturers introduce their new model years in April/May the previous year. So the 2010 models will be coming out in April/May '09.

550-600,000 miles is normally when companies get rid of trucks. That's because things start breaking at 700,000 and they want to make the truck a sale able item.

A truck owned by a solo owner will run about 140,000 miles a year. By a team will run about 250,000 miles a year. These are approximate miles. Trucks and motor oils are improved upon constantly and can go 1,000,000 miles easily before needing an overhaul.

Something else to consider is idling time. You don't know how much idling time that truck has. So 550,000 miles on the odometer may mean a total of 1,000,000 miles on the engine if the previous owner idled every night.

Extended warranties or so called guaranties by the selling dealer need to be carefully examined. There are deductibles and fine print to consider.

And remember, the truck manufacturer only manufacturers the cab. The engine, transmission, rear ends, frame, seats, tires, wheels, knobs, windows, fuel tanks, radiator are all manufactured by a third party. So do you want to pay more for a K.W. because it has a little fancier interior? Mack does manufacturer it's own engine and is available as is the other brands. This year Navistar ( International ) will be manufacturing a class 8 engine for the first time. They've done smaller diesel engines for years.

Personally,I recommend Freightliner or Navistar. A chromed up Pete or K.W. looks damn nice, but doesn't make you any more money. K.W. and Peterbilt don't have as many dealers as International and Freightliner. I've heard more Volvo drivers say they like their trucks than don't. I personally don't like Mack trucks. Watch out for salvage title trucks. Trucks that have been wrecked and re/built and sold. And have some backup money stashed for repairs. Anything you buy for a truck costs MONEY. Jimmy

Feb 16, 2009
Buying a used truck
by: Hervy

550,000 miles is not high miles for a fairly new used truck. (After about 2001 I would say.)

Before 2001 companies usually performed a bottom end job at 500,000 to 600,000 miles which is pretty expensive but it extends the life of the truck usually well beyond a million miles. (one of my trucks had 2 million on it)

I really wouldn't get an automatic transmission, I drive auto and it's been in the shop 3 times because of the tranny. Shops says it's not an isolated incident. This truck is an 2005.

The name of the truck really doesn't matter with 2 exceptions.

1. You will get more truck for the money buying Freightliner or International trucks. Which means lower monthly payments, more money in your pocket. Value of the truck will drop but as long as you are going to keep the truck for a while and drive, it who cares.

2. You will get higher resale value buying Peterbilt or Kenworth. Higher monthly payments which means less money in your pocket and higher repair bills. More money for trade as it retains value better than some other brands.

At the end of it all you probably will come out with more profit with the Freightliner or International

Both of my trucks were old Freightliners, of course I don't do it to profile in the truck stop so, it depends on what your mindset is about trucking. Some people make trucking their entire life so they may want to put more into the ride.
All a drivers preference.

Hope it helped.

Oh, freightliner is the easiest to get repairs done if something breaks down out on the road because they are the most common. I personally like the Detroit engine too.

check out the videos about trucks

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