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Jun 20, 2009
Michael has needs (experience)
by: Jimmy

Michael, sometimes you need to get to your destination in a round-about way. That could be working on a dock at a trucking company with the intention of driving. I see ads all the time for drivers for food distribution places. (McLane, MBM, Sysco, Coke, Pepsi etc)

You're home a couple nights a week plus W/E. You do have to unload the product, but if you're young, it's good exercise. And it pays good.

Also, look at sand/gravel operations and cement mixer driver. There are construction operations that require CDL holders. You may be a combo guy, driver/laborer etc. Broaden your search. Jimmy

Jun 19, 2009
getting trucking experience
by: Hervy

Michael Finding a local truck driving job with no experience may be your toughest challenge. Local jobs require the most skill because it usually involves driving in town or in the city which increases the chance for incident and opportunities for mistakes. However doesn't mean it can't happen.

Type up your resume. Call the local trucking companies or even the large manufactures in your area and ask if they are hiring to get leads for visiting and talking to human resources.

When you go out to visit the ones that might have said they need drivers, stop at all of the companies that you see with tractor trailer to talk to them about becoming a driver and leave your resume. Take their card too so that you can check with them periodically. Get your name in their head so that when they need someone they remember your persistence and high desire to work for their company.

Remember since you can't sell yourself on experience you need to sell yourself with your attitude and personality. You need to be easy to get along with, bright and show good work ethic. This way is a company ever needs to replace a clown you will definitely seem like a good bet.

Your best way to get trucking experience will be larger companies but right now even some of them may want experience because so many people are now are getting into trucking unless the school you go to is one that the trucking company has a relationship with.

If their are truck stops in your areas stop in and get trucking magazines and do some calling. Don't let a few no's discourage you. There are tens of thousand of trucking companies and most need drivers.

When you find a company that says yes, see if you can spot a driver for that company to see if they are getting good miles in this economy.

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