When will trucking companies wake up

by Starlight Anderson
(Intercourse, Pennsylvania)

I totally agree. Only the companies are earning so much money these days without a bit of care for their drivers including those rude and illiterate managers, dispatchers and the likes.

They think they're better than everyone else. I'm not picking on all companies out there for there are some that are decent and tries to treat their drivers with dignity but its like putting a single rotten apple with the good ones, they'll end up rotting soon too, its not even their fault.

Good companies are hard to come by these days. You look for a job online, sign an e-application and read their company website, you would think, "Oh wow, this company looks so good and has a lot to offer maybe this is where I can find the productivity, stability and growth i have been looking for.

So you will give them a call and inquire more about the jobs. They will tell you a lot of things, fills your mind with make-believe dreams just to keep you interested and when they think they got you, obviously, they'll signed you up, put you on orientations and so on and so forth.

The first few months will be okay then by and by you will discover that the company is not what it seems to be, from the manager down to the lowest staff.

They can't keep you busy coz they always tells you, we haven't found any load for you so you'll have more time sitting than running and earning.

If you see something wrong with them and you point it out, they said you're arguing when all you are doing is making them understand and explaining your own point.

This kind of company don't give you the freedom of speech. They'll tell you, you're just a driver, do your job and we'll do ours. Don't tell us what to do because we know what we're doing.

Oh yeah?? you do???? yeah right.

If you even try to argue and give suggestion, they'll put you in a hole for disciplinary action for a certain period of time. You can't do anything than to seethe in anger. And when you you try to get your pay check, you'll see a lot of deductions that isn't clear what they deducted for.

Its your own money but you still have to fight, argue and defend yourself just to get it. I really hope these companies will have a wake up call soon. They're the one killing the industry.

If they don't do amendments on their acts, sooner or later, no good driver out there will dare drive even it pays good.

Drivers are human beings too that has to live and survive. They have dreams too, and families to support and depends on them. They have souls and emotions that feels pains, angst and miseries too.

They deserve to be treated with respect and dignities too. My heart goes for the drivers because I'm one hell of a driver that roots for the old school drivers just trying to make a good living and survive.


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