What would you do to make Trucking a more desirable?

by Jason
(Greensboro NC)

If you could make changes to your profession as a driver what would you change? Ways to improve the lifestyle? How could we make this more attractive to the next generation and improve the respect for professional drivers?
Thanks Jason

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Jul 01, 2013
Just boots NEW
by: ShavedSmooth

YEah, let more of us drive the Rig naked or with only boots on.

Apr 16, 2011
Make driving jobs more desirable
by: Mdbluecrab

Jason, you made some nice points but those aren't going to attract more people or veteran drivers to any particular trucking company.
As a seasoned driver of 34 years, this is what I expect from the trucking industry.
1- Detention time - I shouldn't have to wait 2 hours before getting paid for waiting to load or unload. As long as I'm in that truck, I'm responsible for any and all that happens to me, the truck and it's cargo, therefore, I should be paid for all hours.
2 - Equipment - To attract and retain OTR Drivers, companies should have in every truck the following: APU, Refrigerator and Microwave. These 3 items will save the driver and company time and money. That rig is basically your home for days and weeks at a time. It's economically sound for a driver to be able to cook his own meals and have a place to store them. That means less time at a truck stop and more time having those wheels rolling. This benefits both driver and the company.
3 - Pay rates - As a flatbed driver, my company pays over and above the average pay scale on cpm however, tarping is a big issue in our sector of this industry and is under compensated. $25.00 just doesn't cut it when you have to lug around a couple of 150 tarps 12 ft or more above the ground in hot, cold, rain, sleet and snowy weather. It's back breaking and hard work. Trucking companies charge the shipper/consignee for tarp service but the driver only sees a minuscule percentage of that charge. Drivers should be paid a flat rate of $100.00 for any and all tarping. Tarping can take anywhere from 30 mins. to 2 hours, depending on what type and the size of the load. Of course when you deliver the load that tarp has to be unstrapped, taken down, folded and put back in it's proper place. That's at least another 45 mins. so in my opinion the company is getting off pretty cheap on a $100.00 tarp pay.
I only listed 3 items but I could write a book on how to attract and retain drivers. Outreach programs and such are nice but a driver is looking for comfort in his rig and just compensation for his services.

Jan 13, 2011
Making Trucking More Desirable
by: Hervy


Basically just treat drivers like people. Of course to do that you need drivers who care about their job and the company. There should be a team/family environment around the company.

Before cutting drivers pay or benefits, I would make sure the company is operating efficiently. For example, if trailer spaces are not marked which means switchers and drivers looking for trailers have to ride up and down and back and forth looking for trailers, why cut employees pay before numbering spaces where trailers are parked. Saves fuel and time doing so without hurting the driver.

Coordinate with local gyms for discount memberships for drivers and family. Encourage drivers to participate. Many people would say that no one would take advantage of this, I beg to differ and still having this in place and then place emphasis on the benefits would surely have some type of influence if not directly on the driver, indirectly with the family which will probably trickle down to the driver by the wife cooking more healthy, and the family being more fit.

Have self improvement classes given once a month for family members. Any large trucking company could trade off services to the training business by offering free advertising on the truck or other bartering deals. Classes such as investing, debt management, nutrition, will go a long way to providing essential skills to the trucker and his/her family. This may not seem to benefit the company but it does, as any time the trucker and his/her family is on top of such life skills it means less stress in the home, which means a more focused safer driver. Plus this being done from the place of employment definitely helps to create a team/family environment.

Basically here is the deal.

The more a company (any company) does to show it cares about employees, the more employees will care about the company.

Many companies or people that run them are too singularly focused on the bottom line without the ability to see the big picture.

Squeezing every dollar out of any employee is not the sustainable way to operate the most productive and most profitable operation.

Treating employees and other businesses the way you would want to be treated is. You wouldn't have to advertise for employees or customers, they would hear about the company word of mouth.

My 2 Cents

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