what kinda pre employment drug test does swift give.

by Billy

I'm clean.

I have been clean for about a year but some people say that hair testing goes back longer than that

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Aug 01, 2015
hair follical NEW
by: Anonymous

what trucking companies do UA. ?? And what trucking companies do UA and Hair Follical Testing

May 10, 2013
Does swift transportation use hair follicle or urine test for pre employment NEW
by: Anonymous

No I don't use drugs, I am doing a research paper on the transportation industry and the recruiting person for Swift was evasive on this question. Cr England was open on the question (hair follicle). Why are truckers evasive on this?

Sep 19, 2012
Drug test rules & laws NEW
by: David M. Engler

I've been over the road trucker for 28 years. the
point is, If fail or convicted of drug use, it stays on your record between 5 to 10 years because
Insurance companys have the backing of the government to Enforce the rules / policy ! So Swift Trucking " may " use both piss & blood test!

Again, Its the INSURANCE companys that say yes or no of hiring of a trucker !

I don't have that problem & theres no room for
mistakes in driving 40 ton truck !

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