what is truck driver training like?

by P.J. Garza
(Poter In.USA)

What does a trainer usually try to teach a new driver?

Can you lose your job if you don't do as he instructs?

How many hours does a driver get to drive and how many off?

Can you get fired if you don't make your delivery on time,due to weather?

I'm going to go train,and i am starting a new career.

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Jan 14, 2009
New driver starting to train
by: Jimmy

Hello, new driver. Well, a trainer is suppose to train you. He's suppose to show you and explain everything that is required for you to be a bonafied, certified truck driving fool. That's what a good trainer will do. A half ass trainer may or may not.

If your personalities don't meet in the middle, it will be a problem. So try to be flexible and suck it up if you get a SOB. After all, it's only for a short period. But if he makes life totally miserable, you can request another trainer.

Since you are the new guy, the company won't really put any stock into your complaining.

Unless he tells you to rob a bank or drive illegally, he is pretty much your boss while training. Now a days, I believe teams are suppose to drive all 11 hours before switching drivers, but you can fudge on that. It will be up to the 'boss'. You have ten hours off.

Weather is a valid excuse to be late for the most part. BUT, it will depend on the circumstances. First and foremost, stay in touch with dispatch. Don't sit on the side of the interstate for 6 hours and then notify dispatch that you're going to be late.

Does the company want you to chain up when it's snowing? Are you shut down while everyone else is moving? Bottom line, it's a judgment call. YOUR judgment. Check that weather channel often, listen to the chatter on the c/b,and do your best. Jimmy

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