What Do You Want In Road Side Service Assistance

by Car
(Charlotte, NC Mecklenburg)

What do you look for in addition to service when you're on the side of the road?

In other words how can a emergency roadside helper assist you other than tire repair and mechanics?

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Aug 24, 2018
What is left
by: Hervy

I can't think of anything else beyond tire and mechanical repair. What else is left?

Apr 16, 2009
Road side service for big trucks and Commercial Vehicles
by: Hervy

lol, wash and wax while getting repaired that would be cool.

Hey Car,

I sent you an email.

Great question, I assume you have a service.
Is it just road service or is there a shop also or are you starting one.

If it is already started how long have you been operating.

Tell us he Name if you want. If not cool.


Apr 15, 2009
Car from Carolina. Load Adjustment Over the Road. Road Service
by: Jimmy

Well Car, that's about the extent of it,a tire repair and or a mechanical repair. A couple of exceptions are a load adjustment or a tow. If the repair is a major fix, then you would need a big rig tow to get to a shop.

A load adjustment would be needed if your load moved and you were now overweight after crossing the scale and were told to "get it legal" before proceeding. One time when I was pulling a flatbed, the dunnage collapsed and the load sunk down and the chains got loose and the load shifted and I had to get a big rig tow out to push it back upright and re/secure it.

This was a steel beam load and when the shipper loaded it, they didn't use enough dunnage(4x4x8 wood support) and the weight of the beams crushed the wood supports.

Besides the above mentioned problems, I suppose the service guy could wash and wax the truck on the side of the highway. (just kidding!) Jimmy

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