What are the possible repercussionss of driving this

by Travis
(Commerce City )

The company I drive for hauls trash to a landfill. They want me to take a fully loaded trailer (22-24 tons) to the landfill to empty the trailer so that it can be shipped off to be repaired.

The trailers front axle was broken, and has been removed. So, what are the possible repercussions IF I drive this trailer and get pulled over?

The landfill is approximately 24 miles away. Then I am to drive it back to the yard to be shipped off for repairs.

Obviously with only 4 of the 5 axles needed for an 80k pound load, I will be overweight.

What can I do to accomplish this task, without fear of a violation? It is possible to reduce the weight in the trailer by “cherry picking” some of the trash out with our excavator, BUT even then, would it be legal to pull the trailer?

IF so, what gross weight do I need to have the tractor/trailer? I am not about to risk a violation, or any (?) Possible suspension of my license.

Thanks for any advice,

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