Van or Reefer

by Yogi

I'm considering going to school to get my cdl and with my research I'm thinking about going with Roehl transport. I want to go with a company that won't force fudging of log books or unrealistic delivery times.
So my questions are:
1. In my area (Pittsburgh), they are hiring flatbed and reefer. As of right now no dry van. I see reefer pays a little more...why?
2. Does anyone have any experience with this company?
3. I see they offer cdl training. Should I go to school and get it or should I look into them training me.
4. Could someone explain dedicated routes?
5. Do those GPS navigation devises help with trip planing and reroutes for flooding, construction, etc.?

I've driven truck in the army, so I'm familiar with the basics and love driving. I have no problem being on the road for long periods of time and am anxious to get going. I'm very confident in my driving abilities, just unsure about downtown city driving. But I'm sure those new GPS devises will help. Thanks in advance for any reply's.

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Jun 26, 2009
Yogi has to know.
by: Jimmy

Hey Yogi, Reefer pays a bit more because of the responsibility you have with perishable food items plus the responsibility of the engine that runs the reefer unit. You would need a bit more training upon being assigned to the reefer division.

Different products require different temperature settings, and some are very delicate, such as lettuce. Lettuce loads require a setting of 33, which is just a degree up from freezing.

CDL training is really your decision. At the trucking company, you won't have to front any money as opposed to a 3rd party school where you will have to pay.

Dedicated routes are a route that you deliver to the same consignee every time. Sometimes you may even pick-up at the same shipper every time.

And GPS systems are a ways off from being foolproof for trucks. But, I'm old school and would rather depend on a map/shipper-consignee directions than a GPS system. Jimmy

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