truckstops with tyhe most lot lizards at

What truckstop do you think has the most lot lizards at?

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Jul 29, 2011
Lot of Lot lizards
by: lot lizards go way

along the 40 in new mexico, around albuquerque at the major truck stops,
had one old lady with no teeth ask me if I wanted company and i said no, im good.
one said she just showered and had nice boobs-lifted up shirt to show me..
now,,the crack and drugs must be really good to make people sell themselves for money to buy it..
i dont see how people can do it, but them i am not on crack. had a best friend ( had, as in past tense) tell me he was on crack and it was better than sex and he would do anything to get more-. and then he asked me if he could come visit me, ha, dont think so

Dec 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

These are cash advances that I was talking about and he finally did let me in.When you other one who you love dearly keeps things from the other 1 I FEEL like hes hiding something and he work for westside out of Iowa and hes not making any money there but he continues to lie about how much he brings home and I call it and it a totally different pay,so trucker you take it easy or take it how you can get it Im going to the house.

Nov 29, 2010
lot lizards
by: Anonymous

thank you very much

Nov 29, 2010
Lot Lizards
by: Dennis Shipman

Used to be Jersey City Truckstop. But since some high profile drug busts it was shut down. It only recently re-emerged under new ownership with bright lighting that lot lizards abhor as they try and ply their trade. I have not been there in a while but I use to run Secaucus, NJ to Chicago, IL twice a week. And I have to say that Gary IN Petro was over run with 'em.

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