Trucking and the Holidays.

by Jimmy

For all the newbies in this biz, get ready for the holidays. With Thanksgiving just past, you have an idea what its like to be away from home for holidays. Or you may have been lucky and were home.

The month of December can be a trying time for truckers. You are anticipating Xmas with the family and friends. It can be stressful if money is tight, you are out driving around the country, while wifey is home doing the shopping and preparing. You know the extra money that is needed to pay for presents and the closer it gets to Xmas day, the more stressful it gets. You start to worry about just exactly when you will get home. Dispatch has your request in for hometime and you have promised the family you will be there. But so much depends on other variables. Consider the weather, delivery times, possible breakdowns etc. This year, Xmas is on Friday. A missed delivery on Xmas eve means sitting it out for the weekend and not getting home.

Spouses need to support each other and understand what the other is going through. Just use some common sense during these times and understand that you may not get home until Xmas day and/or have to leave out Xmas night to make a delivery for Monday. This is trucking. Jimmy

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