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Dec 03, 2009
These are our first....
by: Robin

Thanks, Jimmy - We experienced this at Thanksgiving. We have 3 families to have Thanksgiving with, so we always have some celebrations not ON the holiday...his family decided not to do anything until he comes home.

The last time he was home was November 10th, and he comes home tomorrow...December 3rd....he finally had to tell them..."if you wait for me, you'll never have your holidays"...his mom didn't say anything.

I feel like they're looking at it as a tour of duty - when he's done with a certain amount of time that it'll be "over". ...Completely in denial. My children and I have a good grip on it, now, but I'm afraid our family is having a hard time with the reality~ I wish you all happy holidays and that you get home to have some sort of holiday with family and loved ones!

Thanks for the advice, Jimmy~
Robin in Minnesota

Dec 02, 2009
A veteren trucker's wife
by: Anonymous


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