Truck Driver Training Cost

by Tramaine

The Options For Getting a Trucking Job

The Options For Getting a Trucking Job

How much does truck driver training cost?

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May 08, 2017
Costs will vary
by: Hervy

It depends on which type of training you chose and where you live. Check this page.

Mar 19, 2016
The Cost Can Vary Greatly
by: Hervy

Truck driver training ranges from so called free to almost $10,000.

Free is actually company sponsored training and only free in theory. You must drive for the company for a specified period of time. Training is only free if you comply with the terms of the contract. There is a dollar amount for the training, if you break the contract you pay the fee, possible fines, etc. Just read the contract. It's a great choice, if it suits your needs. At some companies the repayment is reasonable and others, the cost of training if you leave early could be ridiculous. You have to ask questions and read the contract.

Community Colleges are the next cheapest. You might even get this training for free. Check with your local WorkForce. Here in NC the community college is only around $1300 to get your CDL and truck driver training. However, some community colleges might charge up to $5,000.

Private trucking schools can range from $2,500 to $9,000. It all depends on where you go. Also, some private trucking schools actually work with specific trucking companies. You can ask about that when inquiring.

You can find more information about these different options here.
choosing your truck driving training

Oct 17, 2008
I am not sure where you are
by: Jennifer Schnittker

Or if you have started your schooling. I know that my husband went to Keystone Deiseil Institute here in Butler Pa. the cost was 6000.00. The perk to that was that he did not have to "pay back" a large trucking company for putting him through school. I think that when I do it, that is what I will do as well. The local schools are good, but you also have training periods and such that you will have to do with the bigger companies. I know after my husband graduated he wanted to go with USA trucking. They were only going to pay him (although he already had a CDL) only 100.00 a week for the first 90 days. That was insane, and needless to say not the way to start. However, a local company took him on and he was able to get his 1st 6 months under them, then move on to a better company.

There is a lot to consider, and figure out what is best for you. A well informed decision, is the best decision.

Sep 03, 2008
The Cost of Truck Driver Training
by: The Crazy Trucker


Truck driving school costs varies greatly depending where you go.

Community colleges probably will be the cheapest but takes the longest.

from a month to 2 months $900 to $2000

A 3rd Party Truck driving school will be the most expensive but the shortest time.

Usually about a month. You want to ask questions to the schools. You want to make sure you learn not just get your certificate. Certified and Accredited schools is your best bet if you are not one to do research. If you will do research and ask questions such as how many hours of driving time will you get?(behind the wheel not sitting in the truck while someone else) Compare the answers to the other accredited or certified schools that you talk to.

These schools could run from $2000 to $10,000. I would not go to a school for more than $7,000 under no circumstances because their are too many good schools in the $3,500-$6,000 tuition price range.

Truck driving training is also available at many companies, it's not really free but it's no money out of your pocket. You will be committed to that company for a specified amount of time to work off your tuition. READ YOUR CONTRACT. I wouldn't sign anything for more than a year.

Make sure you ask questions about the company before participating in this program. READ Choosing a Company on this website.

I would only do this is I really liked the company and planned on staying for that year for sure or if I had no way to pay for training.

If you leave the company before the year you will owe them for that training.

Thanks for asking, I need to improve that page on the website.

Later man
The Crazy Trucker

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