Trans am scamming me????

by Tim
(St. Louis )

Trans Am has hired me through the lease program they say it’s a walk away contract but 5 days in I have had nothing but problems.

They promise to keep my wheels rolling because of all my expenses however I am sitting in New York until Monday because I can’t deliver the load early and dispatch refused to relay my load stating other drivers have to eat to.

I want to drop this load and return the truck, will they pay me because I have been told they are known for not paying.

All this for nothing and I missed the holidays with my wife and kids for this please someone let me know my options.

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Dec 11, 2017
How did it turn out
by: Hervy

That comment they made was dumb. However companies dont just automatcally relay when u have to wait to deliver. Did they at least offer layover pay?

With only 5 days in you dont have much to go by. Holidays can be tricky for sure. Hate u experienced this as a start.

Howd it turn out? What did you do and how long have you been driving?

Nov 28, 2017
Stay away
by: Anonymous

Trans am is a scam. Husband done good the 1st month. Then went 2 months with no pay even though he was running. He was out due to a funeral and they knew it (3 days past home time) and they took the truck with no notice. Tried to say husband owed them $5,000.

Husband had attorney contact them because they kept over $10,000 in medical equipment( he is an amputee) they then sent him a check and his medical equipment.

Nov 27, 2017
TransAm lease.
by: Anonymous

Call the company and give your notice that you're quitting and where do they want the truck returned.

St. Louis is a good place and many good jobs available.Stay away from the lease program. The only two I've read about that are any good are Dartco,Inc. and Colonial Freight Lines.

West Side Transport is good for a company driver. They have a guaranteed minimum weekly pay. I think they start you out at $900 guaranteed, then you work your way up to something like $1200. The thing is, you can make more than the guarantee, but not less.

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