Tired Of Feeling Alone

by Suga

I am so tired of feeling alone! I'm tired of feeling misunderstood! Tired of feeling wondering if it gets better

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Feb 26, 2020
Is it worth it? NEW
by: Anonymous

My husband is an otr driver told me he was going to come in local since we got married in may. Excuse after excuse from wants to pay off Bills first to gotta wait to hear from potential jobs,also says he cant talk about job change because the company is listening to him, doesnt give me a dime, and half his stuff is here and half at his mom's who is dying and tells me when she does die he is going to keep her house to put ALL his stuff in. I Dont have any relationship or even contact with his kids but his 16 year old son drives my husband's 2019 brand new car. It's really unfair and I'm 9ver it

Feb 24, 2020
Got To Have That Serious Heart to Heart
by: Hervy

Always hate to imagine a person dealing with this frustration.

If you're not married watch this video and read the page.

When to let go

If you are married and want it to work check out this page.
Improving OTR relationships"

And if you could find a way to get him to read this...
How to keep your woman

Best of luck and like I always say, if you haven't shared those same emotions with him then thats where you start.

The other thing is......sadly if he was low quality from the start its a difficult situation to navigate if married.

However if he was high quality (basically treated you well or tried to treat you well and desires to always become a better person) then it is relatively easy to address this.

Sometimes people evolve (in a bad way) and don't realize it until it is but before them more direct ways.

Having said all that, if you read what other trucker wives have said, it does get better.

Usually though that will happen quickest when BOTH people are actively TRYING to improve the relationship starting with taking personal responsibility for where they are lacking and improving on that first.

Again, that's high quality person behavior and attitude. There's a lot of men and women who would never look at things in this way.

Well, I wish you the best and if you take in my thoughts and suggestions at the links I think it will help you at least move forward.

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