tired of being called a "lot lizzard"

by Tired of B.S. Drama
(Middle TN)

my husband has drove otr long haul for the last 8 years. He rarely makes it home for a decent amount of time. Luckily though he does get to pass by a lot and even though it's just for a few minutes i often go and meet him at the local truck stop where we eat together or just kick back in the truck and watch a movie or talk.

However it has come to the point where when we go to meet i have to carry our marriage license to keep from having the security view me as a lot lizard and trying to call the authorities over this (this has actually happened twice.) His truck is the only one i've ever went to and he's had the same truck for the last 2 years.

Does anyone else have this problem? Cause it's gotten to the point that most of the time i don't even go see him because of the drama that ends up happening........

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Oct 02, 2012
hmmmm NEW
by: Cynthia Harris

I have had the thought cross my mind "Do they think im a lot lizard?". but thats all it ever was. My hubby doesn't come through my town but I usually go get him at a truck stop outside my town (since there's no where to park overnight in town and his company has to have owners written consent)every Friday and take him to it every Sunday. but its a big lot that usually never has more than 10 trucks on an acre of parking. But when I went with my hubby on the road for a week, I always wondered if everyone was staring at me as I walked with my husband inside the store. Makes me glad I dont walk around my myself. I won't for sure now. My hubby does have the marriage licence with him along with a pic of us on the dash. I hope you are able to take care of the problem and get to see your man more often. Good luck!

Nov 01, 2011
by: Henrys Girl

On the one hand its good the truck stops are paying attention and trying to clean the place up of the rodents that frequent them. I've been it several times with my trucker and I can't tell you how many times we've had a knock at the door from the vermin... And they don't care that a female answers either, its unreal.
On the other hand this sucks for you, and him, especially that you get your quality time, which we all know comes not often enough, interrupted!!!!
I would go to management, and security tell then your story, let them know your there and you don't want you and tour man bothered.
I be'll thinking about you, I hope this works.

Apr 22, 2011
Ooooo never thought about that one. Good Point
by: Anonymous

Maybe giving him a framed picture from your wedding or family gathering. Does good on two points. Keeps you in his thoughts and he can show the cops. I am glad that they are trying to keep our men from being harassed but I never thought about about the visiting wives might get caught in the cross fire. My hubby left three days after we got married but got to come back through PHX a few days later. Just a fuel stop but I took him a hot meal and we got to spend about an hour together. I thought I was being funny and cute, dressing a rather short skirt with a extra bit of red lipstick etc. But reading your post, I realize now that could have gotten me more than his look of surprise, fear and delight as I pranced across the parking lot. (We are both in our 40's so you know how it goes....ya gotta put some fun it) But I certainly understand now why he hustled me right up into his cab while he was pumping fuel. LOL

Sep 13, 2010
just sayin'
by: NeeNee

You could even go to the management of the truck stop and tell them that if it doesn't stop, your lawyer will be contacting them with a harsement lawsuit. Have your husband go with you and even show managemetn your driver's licenses and tell him the same names... the same address..... we are married. I agree with the other post.

I do understand your stress. I ride with my husband full time now and I have "wanna be cops" follow me. I just start doing a PTI if hubby is still sleeping in the bunk. If that doesn't work, he gets a bang on the sleeper and has to deal with them.

Hope it works for ya' sweetie

Sep 13, 2010
by: NickV

Mamm thats called profiling and thats against the law. Those guards and those cops are violating your constitutional rights. There is no need for you to carry around your marriage license EVER unless you are going to a bank for a loan and even then your drivers license is good enough. You tell them officers to remember your face or do whatever they have to do or you will file a complaint. Next time they give you a problem ask for their supervisors number and go above them. Explain that you are being harrased and I guarantee it will stop. If it doesnt, take a tape recorder with you and put it in your purse. This is absolutly against the law and nothing should stop you from seeing your husband. Let them say what they want but for them to verbally patronize you every time you go up there is going against the very laws they swear by. Dont take this crap. If they keep bothering you, call their boss and if it keeps happening then call that boss's boss. You arent doing anything wrong. Some cops just let that badge get to their head

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