Tips to get paid quicker.

by Jimmy

Well, you ran 3000 miles last week, so you'll get your check this week, right? Let's see, 3000 mi times .35 per mi less taxes means a net paycheck of maybe $750.00. I know, it depends on your rate etc. This is an example.

All trucking companies have a cycle as far as payroll goes. Inbound mail and or Trip Pak services or in our new modern technology there is also scanning, these are ways to get your paperwork into the payroll office so you can get paid. The mail arrives once daily, same with Trip Pak, but scanning is like a fax, it is like right now, 24/7, even on weekends.

This is how you get paid faster, people. GET THAT PAPERWORK IN PRONTO. Don't dilly dally around. You actually won't use the postal service, it will either be Trip Pak or scanning. Scanning is by far the best, almost every truck stop has it, but your company must be a subscriber to the system. Lastly, you could hand deliver it, but only if you know you will be at the terminal in less than an hour and payroll is processed at that terminal.

Almost every company's payroll department works those gravy hours, you know, M-F, 8-5. And they all have a cutoff time to get your paperwork in. So you can see where I'm going with this. Paperwork must be in by the cutoff time
or you won't get paid for this weeks trips until the following week. Also, the company can't bill the shipper until YOU send in the BOL. That's SIGNED BOL. Whoever signs the BOL, either you or the receiver should print their name to make sure he or she can be identified. Sometimes, there are problems and the consignee will play games to keep from paying the charges. (as in "I can't read this signature, so I'm not paying".) Brokers are real good at playing games. My point is, do it right, show your company you can be depended on. Neat paperwork is a must, ALL PAPERWORK.

Keep track of your daily expenses. Get a little ledger type black book and note trip no. date you p/u and delivery date. Occasionally, you will buy something for the truck and install it so you can get going, something like a bulb or wiper blade. Keep the receipt and note in your ledger the expense and you'll get re/imbursed. If possible, make copies of all paperwork, just in case it gets lost in the shuffle. It's not always convienent to do this, but you be the judge.

To sum up, all paperwork turned in as you go. Do not hoard it in the truck and also remember any advances you take will be deducted from your check. So your check will fluctuate depending on where your paperwork is in the pipeline. Jimmy

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