There is a trucking company I wanted to ask about

by Nick V
(San Antonio, Tx)

I sure do appreciate you taking the time to put up this website, it is very educational and helping me out alot in the decisions I am thinking of making for my future. The question I had is do you or can any other truckers give me some insight as to how good of a company P.A.M is? As of right now they are the only one that will help me with my financial situation and paying for school. Thanks for your time

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Aug 06, 2008
How good is P.A.M. Trucking company
by: The Crazy Trucker

What's Happening Nick,

Sorry it took so long to answer man,

I have a buddy that drives for PAM. He started with them straight off the street. He said he likes it ok, I think he's been there like 8 months now and he just got put on a dedicated run that brings him back to the house every weekend.

Again, though location and timing matters for that to happen that quick. He's in NC and they have a contract with a company that takes him right through the house on the way to Ohio.

I tried to call him to get an update on his satisfaction with the company but I hadn't been able to reach him.

If I remember correctly I think he said that they kept him out for like 3 weeks at a time before he came back to the house before he ended up with the dedicated run.

I will add a post to this after i talk to him about his current satisfaction with the company or maybe even interview him so check back with me and let me know how its going.

The Crazy Trucker

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