The Ups and Down in highway of life

by Sarah Madsen
(St. James City, Fl USA)

Not too long ago, I a SW Florida woman married a great man. He himself was new to this area. So being a trucker his license was out of state, he didn't have his birth certificate on him, and this is only the beginning.

One and half years later... of hell, homelessness now for him, my son and I, he found a job. But all the good companies only hire north of Route 10 which happens to be 5 hours from where we live.

One day he gets the call. Come drive for us... I was so happy and so was he. the first few days I was so excited for him, but as a wait here for his calls... the lonely set in. Oh I read books, cooks more than needed, visited with friends and family near and far. But this new life is like not being married. When he does call he is tired, cranky at me for worrying.

Mind you I am with maps tracking his every move... knowing the hours are long. He tells me the truck broke down, and this dumb company owner hung up on him, not before telling my honey it was his problem. The owner finally after four calls did get help. Kids that didn't know anything. My husband has worked with the best and knows "What did I get myself into" but continues to complete his run. By law he must and he good with that.

Now this truck can't be turned of, see it has a short so if hubby hits a lot of bumps in the roads hes in trouble. Well hes out in Indiana, goes over RR tracks and it stopped right there on the tracks. Police come and again he called the company, "get this truck fixed now" hot, tired because this so-called new job he so desperately needed is wearing on his short nerve. Oh he gets off the tracks(4 hrs later). He got the ticket and had to after 17 hours awake was told get back here to Florida. He did but then and only then I begged to quite. He delivered his load, did turn in papers, keys, phones,and out of the two tickets given to this company overload quit.

We are living with relatives still, all my man wants is to give this marriage a start. We do want to get out of Florida but can't do it with a penny for an apt. So if one of you darlings know a company who wants a drug free, clean license driver to do the long OTR hauls, west, mid-west just let this gal tell you who to reach. I'm willing to give it my best but hubbie is still wanting to try.

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Feb 27, 2012
Really?? NEW
by: Anonymous

Sweetheart! Get a life. If you aren't thankful for the job that you have then go get another one...if you have the ability to do any better. But you need to remember that these men haul every single thing that you use for anything. So show some respect and it just might be given back.

Sep 03, 2010
I hate you skank ass truckers
by: Anonymous

I work for a travel plaza and all you truckers can lick my ass!!!! You all shit in bags ,cups, ziplock bags you stink like a sewer.... So next time you get a shower remember we have to pick up your shit....and the shower you may get next time will and always ... You know what I think I'll keep my mouth shut !!! Don't piss off the person that's picking up your shit!!

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