The truth about the trucking companies. Real or disgruntled Drivers?

by Dave Harman

Hey guys another question here. I am wondering what the real deal is with he Companies like Roehl, Werner, Arrow etc.. just type in scams for Werner etc.. and you wont believe the horror stories. I am sure some are real and some are just cry babies. Have I answered my own question?

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Jun 30, 2009
Capt Dave needs more info.
by: Jimmy

Hey Dave, I always recommend smaller companies to hire on with. Large companies are so large, that there is no personal attention given to drivers. The turnover within the office/shop/safety dept is large.

You can compare trucking to fishing. Newbies come on board thinking, 'big money', adventure, easy job etc. But they don't consider the lifestyle. Long days, confined space, rough seas, pressure, erratic sleep, periods away from home, responsibilities, minimal outside connections with family/friends. And no turning back once you've left the dock.

Over the years, I've seen so many newbies get into trucking and get out almost as fast as they got in. They have no idea that powering a loaded truck down the highway and into strange cities and keeping appointment times and keeping up with the paperwork and police agencys on their backs constantly and half-ass inept dispatchers telling them what to do and shippers/consignees treating them like scum and sitting waiting for their next load in a filthy truckstop and dealing with a junky truck and really being so dependent on other people just to get their day completed is what trucking is all about.

People think trucking is a free lifestyle, no boss lookin' over your shoulder. WRONG ! You have to answer to lots of people, indirectly. It does take a special breed to be a trucker. Jimmy

Jun 30, 2009
The truth about trucking companies is . . .
by: Hervy

you stated it exactly right Dave.

Yep you answered your own question.

Some of the complaints are legit and some are just disgruntled drivers with unreasonable expectations.

Keep in mind though those huge trucking companies like Werner, man you know you can't keep everyone happy. Just because of the number of drivers there is going to be a lot of complaints as with any other workplace. So, you have to judge each complaint you read by the information that is presented (which may or may not be ALL there)

Sometimes what the complaint is about seems like the situation could have been avoided by asking questions first, or demanding clarity instead of ambiguous responses when asking questions or by doing what was right instead of what was done to end up in a battle back and forth between the company.

So you see of course there are some legitimate grips and there are some other stuff out there.

Remember this though, your attitude from the very beginning of your relationship with your dispatcher and whoever else you will be dealing with regularly will give them clues as to how they want to treat and interact with you. (Providing you are actually dealing with smart people in the office)

If they feel to themselves, "hey this guy seems straight up responsible, mature, and it seems like he will make a great driver" then they will want to keep you happy and employed if it within their capacity to do so.

At least that makes sense to me.

You can find plenty of happy Werner, Roehl, etc drivers.

Only one way to find out Dave. Trust me it's not as risky as out there on them high seas!lol

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