The site in general

by Sarah Boyt
(Brookport, IL)

I just stumbled upon your site and I love it.

My fiancee is close to finishing his coarse at Swift Driving Academy, and I've read things since he's been gone that has scared me to death...Mostly horror stories about how Swift treats their drivers, bad pay, no miles, etc. ( had me in tears)

I was hoping to find some positive things about Swift on your site...I'm not done looking but I have read a lot of what you have here and would just like to thank you for taking the time to build this site. It's awesome. I will show it to my fiance as soon as he comes home from the academy (he drove 10 years ago for a year and a half and then went on to something else so he has a better idea of what to expect but I still think he will benefit from all of the info on this site!)

We plan to get married in March and travel together...I do not have what it takes to be a truck driver but I should be able to be a good passenger at least hahaha
and your site has helped me understand life on the road and what trucker's lives are really like. After some time out there, I will try to contribute a story about what it's like to travel with your mate in a big rig...the ups, the downs, etc. as soon as I feel I have enough experience to guide or inform someone who is in the same boat as I.

Once again, thank you for the site!!!

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Feb 24, 2009
truckers life on the horizon
by: Hervy

Hi Sarah,

I am so glad you found the site useful and informative. I am pretty sure you will be a good companion on the road.

I wouldn't say that Swift as a company treats it's drivers so bad. I think it's more of a situation that the company is so large that it doesn't know who these clowns are that are dispatching and I believe it is them that give the drivers the hard time and I also think that some of those drivers have something do with it one way or another.

Out of the Swift drivers that I have talked to, I would say at least half of them were totally satisfied with Swift. (LOL, yeah I know that isn't a lot for them to brag about but it is still a long way from thinking that there are no happy drivers at Swift).

I know I worked there for over a year and had no problem with the people I dealt with. At the same time I talked to other guys who worked for the same people and they complained about problems that I didn't really have. (I must say that I was an owner operator though)

Either way, he's there now so best to make the most of it and give them a fair shot.

Tell him if he doesn't get along with his dispatcher see about switching as soon as possible if they can't get on the same page.

How's he liking it so far at the academy?

Feb 09, 2009
Upcoming Marriage and Trucking passenger
by: Jennifer Schnittker


Congratulations on the upcoming Marriage ;)

It is so much fun being the "passenger" I have not been able to go for a while, but I love it. I read, sleep-watch tv...cook, clean, on and on and on.

Its relaxing for the passenger for sure! Look forward to hearing from you again


Feb 01, 2009
Sarah's getting hitched
by: Jimmy

Hi Sarah, welcome to the site. There is tons of info here for people getting into the biz. We try to be totally honest and give it to you straight.

There are many ladies/wives on the site to answer any questions. I think Swift is absolutely the most ragged on trucking company ever. Is it justified? I don't know. They are established so your paycheck won't bounce. I've done a little blogging about the business from the managements point of view. Go to 'words of wisdom' on this site and look it over.

Swift, Schneider, Werner, J.B. Hunt, C.R.S.T. National Freight, are just some of the MEGA carriers out there. It's easy for drivers to get lost in the shuffle. You are just a warm body that operates a truck, almost like a robot. That's why I prefer to recommend small to medium size companies to work for.

A new employee has to prove himself when starting out. If he comes on board and starts whining, dispatch will put him on the back burner and deal with the proven drivers that always come through. Trucking companies are not there to coddle the drivers. The business is not for wimps. The company does its part by finding the freight, you do your part by delivering it. When you fail to do YOUR part, management has to cover for you.

Think of it as joining the military. You sign up and you are there for 4 years. Period. No backing out, no whining, no running home to mommy, you carry your load and come through for your team mates. And you feel proud when it's all said and done. Keep us posted. Jimmy

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