The Factor of Age of Truckers

by Bill Powell
(Fenton, Missouri)

Is 57 years old to old to get a job as an OTR trucker?

I would really like an opinion, would hate to retire early, go to CDL school and not be able to get a job.

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Mar 05, 2017
Lots of things to consider
by: Hervy

First thing I wonder suggest is be in great shape. If not, I wouldn't suggest going into trucking.

Second, I think you are in a great area. Freight to truck ratio is high. I bet if you look at local craigslist, you can find a lot of small trucking companies that need drivers. They might let give you a chance.

I believe you would be taking a chance quitting your job to get a trucking job.

I would go ahead and get your CDL without quitting or retiring early. Then apply at companies until you get hired.

Then retire if you want to.

Aug 02, 2009
forgetaboutit!!! Age didn't keep me from entering the trucking life
by: jim

Just about finished 10 weeks of classes at AIT school, the next 8 will be learning how to drive. I'm 57.

Aug 01, 2009
60 is the new 40
by: Jennifer S

No way! Not to old, this is one of those professions that as long as your health will allow it, you can do it way past retirement.

I have seen many many drivers myself that are well over 65. However, I would strongly suggest doing some research on the limit of age requirements. Go to all the large trucking organization's sites, and see if they have a ceiling.

Like I said, I have seen many older drivers- men and women alike. Just not real sure about "new" older drivers ;)

I did do some snooping around at several of the big carriers. The only thing I found was a minimum age limit.

I would call several of them.
C.R. England





Call all the big carriers, find out if they have a ceiling on ages, I only found a minimum on ages.

Best of luck to you


Aug 01, 2009
Bill age in itself is not the problem for getting a trucking job
by: Jimmy

Age is not a problem, but the economy is. There are no guarantees when you finish school. Jimmy

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