Termination On The Spot and Can't Get Rehired

I will not mention my husband's ex trucking company and my husband was an OTR trucker for 8 years and they terminated him right on the spot and every company that he has filled out applications and then they call him and tell him sorry we cannot hire you.

What could possibly be on his MVR report and his DAC or DAK? I have a neighbor that is a paralegal and she told me that an employer is only legally to mention start date and end date and she said that if his past employer is badmouthing him, that is illegal!

He has been out of work now for over a month and he is driving me and the kids crazy and I know he is getting frustrated and wondering how he is going to provide for his family!

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Feb 25, 2020
Terminated NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you Herby! Yes I did not mention firing on the spot! It was due to him having an accident with another driver! The camera in the truck showed he was doing 2 mph when he hit the other truck, he claimed it was the other driver’s fault but his company is saying it was his fault, he has contacted lawyers but they have not helped him so he may not have a case of wrongful termination but the part about if they asked the question if they would rehire him, that part gets sticky because ever since he became an OTR driver, he most definitely changed, it may be in part due to the company he kept out there with a few undesirable drivers!

Feb 24, 2020
He Should Check The Dac
by: Hervy

He should check his DAC.

get a copy of your dac report

DAC report is not the same as a company talking to his employer. So its no telling whats on there. But if it is erroneous he can dispute it.

You didn't say why he was fired on the spot.

Also the companies can ask the previous employer if they would hire him again.

But if he's filled out a lot of apps I seriously doubt he would keep getting turned down just on those basis.

Lots of companies still need drivers. Depending on his record he may need to try at lower grade companies.

Has he tried at 5 or 50? Unless he has a terrible record or reason for firing he should get hired somewhere.

Tell him keep trying and check that DAC report.

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