Tangipahoa louisiana

by charles

I pulled onto the scale in Tangipahoa La. and right off the back the. Dot officer was just loud and obnoxious.Gave him my log book because that is what he wanted to check and the officer asked me to park and come in.My book wasn't current so I went inside and as I always do I show respect to all officers of the law. I'm not a driver who just blow up and just say anything to an officer. This officer was just rude and mean. I still didn't say anything but this officer was so rude I just kept my cool so I could get on thru.This is the second time something like this than happened in louisiana.There will not be a third.I will speak my mind.I'm not gonna allow these guys to disrespect me in that manner.I called to speak with his supervisor and all I get is the run around.

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