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by Jimmy V

I'm looking into Swift driving school to do my trainig. They got a school in Syracuse, NY. I just want to know if that a good company to go to and a good company to work for after my training.
Thank You, Jimmy V

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Oct 09, 2009
Swift Driver Training
by: Hervy

Well as was stated Jimmy V. Large companies like that will have all types of feedback.

Your biggest challenge is to have a competent dispatcher who cares about his/her job and to have a good relationship with him/her.

That really is what determines on whether either of the large companies will be a good company to whomever you ask.

Well that and the companies methods of operations compared to your needs.

for instance, if you stay somewhere way off the travel lanes of the company you went to, but you need to get home every other weekend or at least by the house you have engaged into a situation with a built in problem. (just an example you shouldn't have that problem from NY with Swift)

Same with their training, you'll have good and bad ones, find out what the procedure is for getting a new trainer if yours is more focused on using the trainee instead of teaching the trainee.


Oct 09, 2009
Go for it
by: Robin

My husband just got his license at a truck driving school in May - it took him a while to get a job, but he went to Swift.

He didn't get his training through them (we are in MN), but the hardest part was that the first 6 weeks (45 days) you are on the road non-stop with a mentor.

At first, they drive, then gradually they let you (depending on the mentor). He had a really good experience.

He just got his company truck this morning, as a matter of fact, and I haven't heard from him yet, as to how the rest of the day went. He likes his driver-manager so far, though.

As far as trucking companies go, they have a lot of turn-over, but there are some drivers who've been there for over 10 years.

Good luck in whatever you do. I have a blog http://whatsyour20mrhartkopf.blogspot.com/ - check it out !
Thanks, Robin

Oct 08, 2009
Jimmy V. from the Bronx
by: Jimmy

Hey Jimmy, seen you over at TTR.c asking the same question. Any school that gets you your license is A-ok,right? So, is Swift a decent company? Well, does Denny's make a good breakfast?

Are the Jets a good team? Depends on who you talk to. Make your decision and deal with the results. That's what life is all about, right?

If you want success, you'll find it. Jimmy

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