swift millington tn academy

The range(backing skills only) and classroom lasted for 2 weeks. it was fun and a great learning experience. i had to leave to come back home to schedule my dmv test appointment(Alabama requires that you do this in person).

The following week i returned to millington for the last week(road training) mind you i had never driven a manual shift vehicle,i am left handed.

The road trainer I had was rude, abrasive ,lacked patience, belittled and berated me and other students as well.

I went though that for 2 wks. when other students had to go test for Alabama, we would drive five hours while he slept.

Once we arrive to the Alabama dmv he was very combative and argumentative with the dmv examiners(female state troopers)students were failing left and right.

we would pull out of that city and go to another. same issue. finally i got another road trainer. he was much better. but by then i was so tired and frustrated(one will tell you look at tires another will tell you look at trailer) they slid the tandems up 5 ft and expected me to relearn how to get it in 45 alley box in an hour.

I got 2 hours of training on the shift pad then out into Memphis 240/40. I quit. I am going to the community college near me.

i did learn at millington, but in hind sight i would say that this program is geared towards someone who has driven a semi before maybe just in need of a refresher course.

if you are from Alabama... steer clear of millington.

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