starting over again in trucking business

(houston texas)

im 55 and my buddy is 61 we decided to buy a used truck and start doing some trucking to make some money we both have cdl and a some driving experience but we are rookies

We are intent upon purchasing a used rig with cash.

What make year model mileage ect would you recommend and any advice where to purchase it from. We are in the Houston Texas area.

We are initially planning to get loads from brokers we have not as of yet determined what type of loads or what broker to go to any advise in this area would be appreciated.

What type of loads, tanker, refrigerated, flat bed etc...?

What other costs?

Maintenance tires oil changes fuel insurance costs inspection costs if you have any ideas at to approximate costs and any that I may have missed

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Dec 19, 2009
They have an idea.
by: Jimmy

Are both of you driving team? Look for a used truck with under 400,000 miles. They're out there. That way, you have a few years to run it before needing repairs and the previous owner took the hit on depreciation. Look in the "Truck Paper" available in truck stops.

Used trailers are abundant also, an '05-'06 for around $10 grand. (dry van). Start up costs will be around $4-$5,000. (permits, authority, insurance, IRP).

Watch out for sleazy brokers. Trailer type is your preference. There are tons of dealers in the Houston area. Be careful of the ones that are here today, gone tomorrow. They set up alongside the interstates on about an acre with junky used fleet trucks. Have a cash reserve too. $10-$15 grand or a high limit on your Visa card. Jimmy

Dec 17, 2009
mutt n jeff
by: Anonymous

get on Schneider team truck and check out the road b4 you spend yo $$$

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