Star Transport in Morton Il

by Ron
(Paris Tenn)

Do you know anything about this company? How do they treat their drivers and school grads.

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Nov 08, 2012
the way it is ....
by: Big Jimmy

Star is a fantastic company. Ive worked here for 7.5 years ... I get home regularly and any problems I have with my truck gets fixed -as soon as it can be gotten into a shop to do so.

About a couple of years ago -they added a new guy in Safety -"SafetyWayne" ... he runs a tight department -but he is very fair as far as Safety Directors go. Oh he will get on your butt if you mess up -but he does it with such tact -its almost like its just a conversation. Most of the SD's Ive driven for all like to drive from behind the desk or scream and holler when you do something wrong -not him or his staff. It is actually a pleasure to deal with the "ladies of safety" ...

Their is also a new guy running the show (yep -JW is finally gone YEAH!!) ... He actually allows the dispatchers to manage their fleets and doesn't hover over them micro-managing the fleets. Everything seems to looking up.

They have even added staff in driver payroll. Finally someone who wont talk down to drivers and is actually helpful when you have a problem or question.

The Shop does what it can to get the trucks fixed and back on the road as quickly as they can. They really have a tough job. Occasionally -their is a grumpy mechanic -but really these guys are good to work with and really do try to help drivers when they have the questions

Their is also a "driver retention manager" who drives a truck ... after talking with this guy I can see why he is in a truck and not the office ... but I guess it takes all types to make the world go round ...

And man -we just got a hell of a pay increase -- largest I have ever heard of in the industry. I know make $.45/cpm and yes to all you na-sayers its actually backed up with miles (none of this BS -up the pay and drop the miles)

The one downfall -is the trucks are gaining some miles on them and newer trucks would be a great addition to the company. Our new trailers are awesome ...

I have even heard "newbies" complaining that they are put through the ringer on their training. They are required to test-out before getting their own truck assigned to them.

The way I see it is -this cuts down on backing into another driver in a truck stop ... I will admit -recently the Training staff has gotten a lot tougher on new drivers because (the whole training staff have CDL's and have driving experience).

If you can communicate, have people skills, have a presentable image and take care of your equipment -you can make REAL MONEY with these guys. Your not a number here -they know you by name.

The guys running this company now are really making a difference for the good. The people who don't want to work or weren't helpful -I haven't seen them around much lately ... hummmm??

As for me -I plan on retiring from here.

Sep 02, 2012
Star Transport Morton IL
by: Keith

Star is not a bad company to work for, they give you a lot more freedom than most companies out there.

As far as the shop goes taking 5 hours to do a PM...Maybe if they would not allow drivers in the shop to bother mechanic's maybe it will not take as long.

Dispatch....Well there is about 650 drivers or more and only 25 or so Dispatchers you have to give them a little time to get to know ya and you know there are some OFF THE WALL drivers out there that the dispatch have to deal with, WE ALL MEET THEM OUT THERE.

I think it takes a lot longer to gain respect from the yard personal to the drivers cause of the ratio they have to deal with.

As far as the miles and getting home...Some time it is what it is that's trucking you have to prove yourself to your dispatcher be on TIME and arrive without damage freight.

Let him see what kind of driver you are and prove to him you are dependable on time safe driver. If you can do all this life out there would be better

Aug 02, 2012
these reports are bs
by: Anonymous

These comments are all by people i guarantee didn't make it in trucking. I was a trainer ive seen far far too many of them.

They want to drive 5 hours a day, pull 500 a week in advances then whine when they're broke and don't get home.

I made 45k my first year there straight out of school and it never dropped below that. Not getting home was so rare i was shocked and enraged when it happened. Maybe 2 or 3 times in 2 years. The trucks were immaculate. 13 speed cat petes.

If you had a problem you called the shop.. they asked you about it to see if it was something silly (fuse, switch whatever) you could fix... then told you to head to the nearest shop.

This is the best NEWBIE company on the road. If they paid more they'd have to chase drivers off with a stick.

note on the first drivers complaint. He may have gotten a horrible dispatcher/shop moron. There used to be one or two there, most were pretty cool.

Jan 25, 2012
I was there but it turned out in my favor after all said and done
by: Anonymous

I drove for these guys right out of driving school. the only positive thing I can say is I had a great trainer. my truck constantly had issues they wouldn't fix.

I drove for them for about 6 months and I was at home and I went to leave out during my pre trip. I discovered that my truck and trailer had no lights so I called and told the shop about it and they told me that I had to get that load to Atlanta to drive it anyway.

So I refused they sent someone to get my truck and said I was fired so I called OSHA and star had to pay off my school loans pay me for every day I was off work, fix my dac and everything.

It ended up costing them a lot of money to fire me. they also had to give me back all the money they had deducted out of my check for my school so all in all it was a good deal for me THANKS STAR !!!!

Nov 15, 2011
star sucks
by: mike

Shop is all assholes. It takes shop 5+ hours to do a pm. Dispatchers sucks they never get you home. Drivers are treated like shit by the company.

They always want to to run over the hos. Good luck trying to get Monday or Friday off for a doctor appt. They'll keep you out there worried about making money than your own health.

The company down grades the driver's every chance they get. Starting out drivers gets paid 0.22 cents a mile with a 8 cent per diem.

Feb 21, 2010
Star Transport in Morton Il
by: Anonymous

Shortage of good dispatchers, home time with some of the pricks just don't happen some pricks will keep you out up to 8 weeks, gotta stand up and tell em you want to get home.

pay isn't bad they are starting to crack down on running over your HOS. The Petes are leashed at 65 MPH which really sucks trying to get a load over a hill,,never mind a mountain.

Try a different company is my advice I will be leaving after I get the xp I need for local.

Jan 12, 2010
Feedback on Star Transport
by: Hervy

I don't think I have ever talked to a Star Transport Driver.

Jan 07, 2010
Good or bad.
by: Jimmy

I'll be honest, I've heard more bad than good, even though it's only been a few posters. Jimmy

Nov 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Star truck driving is the worse company and they will fire you for no reason so if you leave out of state think about it cause if they tell you to leave they will live you stranded and they will lie and never get you home for the weekend that's all I have to say about this stupid company.

Apr 08, 2012
never again
by: tom

run away!!! i worked for them for a month i first load i had to drive 200 miles out of route just to come home. the next weekend i spent i a truckstop in north carolina. i live in south carolina. the load had to be there on monday i got there Saturday afternoon, just sitting with no layover pay.

i got a new dispatcher on thursday and on monday he was gone. the csa score for star is so high dot is ready to shut them down. want a great company? Schneider national.

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