by Ben James
(Odessa, FL, USA)

I am about to go to CDL school. I don't want to take speed to meet deadlines and I hear that %60 of truckers do. Can an honest hard working person meet the work load with caffine and not speed?

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Jun 21, 2011
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by: elenalee

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Mar 14, 2009
James won't do "speed"
by: Jimmy

James, you do not need to do speed. (the drug) And, you do not need to speed,(drive fast). You will see that there is a lot of "trucker b.s." that goes on in this biz. It is everywhere, on the c/b radio, in truckstops, at your companies lounge. For some unknown reason, truckers like to "impress" other truckers about what they can do behind the wheel.

When I first got into trucks, I was amazed that every trucker I met could haul more loads, stay awake longer, drink more beer and get more women than any other trucker. It didn't take long to realize it was B.S. I always had to laugh when I heard how a driver could load 3000 lbs over on the east coast and "dodge" all the scales out to the west coast.

Do not think that you have to do speed (the drug) to be successful in this biz. If dispatch gives you an impossible delivery time, just tell him no can do, and then tell him when you can get there. He will either re/schedule the delivery time or shuffle the load to another truck who can get there on time. Time management is very important in this biz. Good luck. Jimmy

Mar 14, 2009
Speeding to make deliveries on time
by: Hervy


Speeding is rarely necessary to make planned out trips on time. Many drivers will tell you it is. It's mostly in their minds and most of them leave too late or goof off along the way and then speed.

Yes sometimes you will sometimes get dispatched too late to get their on time every now and then. If that is the case tell the dispatch you will be getting there as soon as you can without risking safety. Remember that your license is you more valuable asset as a driver. (aside from the way that you think)

If you end up a a company that chooses to hire dispatch that tries to manipulate you to run illegal or having to speed, document these episodes while you are there. Tell someone that you want to change dispatch and why. If they seem to have a problem with you instead of helping and appreciate your work ethic and safety standards start looking for another job. Also report them to the DOT.

Despite what you hear from some drivers, most companies don't do this as standard practice. It is illegal and non productive. You can report them to the DOT if they try to force you to run illegal and punish you for not doing so.

There will be many times on the road where you drive the speed limit and see the same truck pass you 3 or 4 times. What does that tell you. They are speeding risking a ticket which destroys your marketability as a employee and they are going to get where they are going at the same time or later if they get pulled. Most guys that pretend they have to speed have poor planning looking for an excuse to speed.

Don't worry about it most reputable companies won't give you that problem especially if you go there letting know up front how you feel about keeping your license clean and running legal. Then they won't waste time testing you (should you end up with shady dispatch)

Later man,

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