Should I be a trucker?

by Tristin
(Va Beach,VA)

I have not held my normal license for long (1 year in February.) But I know I love to be in the road, since July I have driven near 20,000 miles from VA to CO, CO to AL, Al to Va, VA to TX.

I've seen the jagged Rockies, the flat plains of Kansas, the bayous of LA, and I love it all. I love the scenery I love the people I meet always with direct intention to eat at a truck stop or somewhere thats obviously a family run place. I feel I would be happy with a life on the road, and have even looked at going to ATI in VA beach, VA for Commercial Driving.

My problem is all the bad things I hear about companies, Werner sounded really good, but I'm hearing a great deal bad about it when I look at blogs for truckers. Should I be a trucker?

It's the only job I can think of that will let me be on the road as much as I want in my life.

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Jan 27, 2009
by: Hervy

I am about to go and sight see the inside of this casino. I am in New Orleans right now.

Elysian Field Ave. They got a truck stop here with a casino and bar in it. My delivery is 2 miles down the street but I can't deliver until 10am so i am going to go donate $20 dollars to the establishment.

See, you never know when recreation will just drop in your lap.

Wish me luck. I will give the slots $10 and the bar $10.

If I win big I will give the first person that wished me luck $100. :o)

update: i won $162 with the $10,had no idea what I was doing. I thought they had slots, but all they had was poker machines.

Jan 25, 2009
the trucking type
by: Hervy

Sounds to me Tristen that you are very close to being perfect trucking material.

What Jimmy was saying is right to a certain extent. However it's one thing to be aware of these things going in compared to going in to trucking blind.

Since you know these things now, you can be proactive and avoid most of the disadvantages to a certain extent.

For instance, if it is your intention to sight see whenever possible, then you leave early on your trips, not at the last minute. You plan your trip out so you know where you will be and at what time.

You get a truck stop directory (It lists more than truck stops, includes hotels, and restaurants with truck parking, etc) and call ahead to plan your trip.

You already know that you are at work so of course every trip won't be a pleasure run. But you already love driving and you seem to like the journey as much as destinations. You probably also like adventure.

Unpredictability to a certain extent, I would guess is not something that you are afraid of. It's not a life or death concern just a convenience concern so that's no big deal. In fact it's a thrill for the right person.

I don't know about you, but for me, sight seeing is not always parking and spending a day out of the truck visiting the attractions. I can thoroughly enjoy some small town that I never knew existed just by slowly passing through and maybe even stopping at one of the little side stores (which is easier out west) just long enough to meet a couple of customers. Strike up convo, ask questions about the town (which I often do) and I am out. I look forward to the back roads can you tell lol.

Your general scheduling and where you run(operating lanes) will depend a lot on the company you go to and what you haul.

Make sure you take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of trucking and see what you think.

Jan 25, 2009
Tristin has questions
by: Jimmy

Hey Tristin, your's is a common question. You seem to have the basics as far as what is to be expected in this biz. You do like to travel and see new things and meet new people. I will tell you, traveling in your car and traveling in an 18 wheeler is somewhat different. In your car, you are just kinda on vacation, you don't really have to be anywhere or answer to anyone. You can stop when you want and visit places. It's easy to move about in a 4 wheeler etc.

But in an 18 wheeler, it's not so easy to just pull into a motel parking lot or McDonalds for a burger. You are not on vacation and you do have somewhere to be and have to answer to someone. And this goes on 6-7 days a week. A big misconception in trucking is that you can "see" the U.S.A.. Well, yes and no.

If you are traveling past any large city that has tourist attractions, first you must have the time to stop and then you must be able to park a truck and then be sure the load is secure. Everything must fall into place to be able to sightsee. Most of the time, it doesn't.

Now don't get me wrong. You do see the country, just not necessarily every little nook and cranny on every trip. You may pass through Nashville,Tn 24 times before you are able to stop and visit the Gran'ol Opry.

Also, you are living in a truck, eating in restaurants, cannot always get a shower, getting eratic sleep and away from home a lot. There's more, you'll have to experience it and see if it is your cup of tea. Many people try it and bail, because it's not for them. That's all you can do. Read through 'Words of Wisdom' on this site and truckers blogs and questions. Keep in touch. Jimmy

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