School Project again . .

well jimmy you didn't answer my questions there . .. . so i wrote so you'd better understand what i was talking about . . please:D

I get that truckers are humans too . . but not everyone is a trucker . . which makes them a subculture . .

What kind of physical items do you need or prise as a trucker . . like a CDL, a truck, CB Radio maybe.. .

Symbols is just like what people think of when the subject of truckers comes up, or what reprewsents truckers . . trucker hats .. big rigs . . etc . .

Language is like the CB lingo and i will just print that off another site . . but if you have any favorite sayings or anything feel free to send them my way . .

Values are just shared beliefs among truckers . . like is there anything that you as a trucker believe or think, that most truckers do that most people wouldn't

folkways are just like common courtesies . . like letting someone in when driving on the highway or not cutting people off .. it's not necessarily a bad thing just something you would expect from another trucker, and you'd be upset or something if someone didn't do tha.

Mores are bigger things like that hurt the stability of society . . bigger than cutting someone off, but not as big as smuggling drugs i guess . . you look down on someone for doing a more . .

Laws are like street laws . . same for everyone . . like weight limits and not going into a weigh station, then can be bad or not so bad . .

Thanks . . Casey

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Jan 13, 2009
Casey's school project
by: Jimmy

OK there Casey, I'm trying to understand you. I will say I don't agree with you and the subculture thing. I interpret that to mean truckers are beneath everyone else.(sub means below) And we know what culture means.

Re: c/b lingo or trucker lingo, here's a few sayings. Front door means leading the pack, back door means running the rear. The big road is the interstate. Coops are state scales. Pickle park is rest area. Lot lizard is a hooker. Lumper is a laborer that unloads the trailer. Fuel is diesel fuel.

Team is two drivers in a truck. Reefer is refrigerated trailer. To get legal means weight wise and log book wise. A random is a drug test. A shipper is where you p/u the load, a consignee is where you deliver the load.

Drop and hook is just that. Drop your loaded trailer and hook up to a loaded trailer and go. Slide it means slide the axle to get legal, weight wise.

Almost always, truckers will show courtesy to other truckers. It's family, right? Symbols? When we are away from the truck and if you didn't know us, you cannot tell what we do for a living.

And you already know what physical items we need. Cuz you mentioned them in your question. Let me know if this helps. Jimmy

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